Letter Received 7/7/10

The best way to send letters is through That way it gets to me alot quicker, and then I can reply through email easier.
It's been pretty sweet here. I like both my companions, Elders Lunt and Young (yet I am in a trio), and my whole district is way cool.
I was able to see fireworks, the ones that set off at the stadium of fire!

Man its pretty hard here. The food is good (mostly), not as good as home though ha ha. Spanish is difficult they move us along so quickily and it makes things really hard but I know a lot more then I did before, plus alot of spiritual sage stuff, like things muaha. ha! now I can be like zach and say now as you travel down the road of life you'll find many obstacles and forks in the road, but if you trust in the lord and have faith you can see around the obstacles and know where to turn when you get to the forks in the road, and learn from the hardships. Lol! no i'm still pretty similiar to how I was before, more mature yes, and still keeping up the buffness. Hopefully the visa problem gets fixed for us, yep we are having problems just like zach had. uhg! Also like 7 out of the 12 elders in my district are going to Torreon :). The others are going to Peru.

Last night we had a way sweet talk by Brother Dellenbach of the seventies he was very spiritual and intense. I have two teachers in the MTC, Heramana Nielson and Hermano Pennillio, and they are both amazing. Hermana Nieslon in more spiritual but Hermano Peniallio is hilarious. Getting used to being called elder is really weird but you can never get anyones name wrong. lol. Well i'll probably send you guys a handwritten hopefully legible letter cause I don't have all that much time on email so Adios for now.

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