We went to see Salvador and everything should go well, I hope.   He said he would have some information for us about his wedding on Friday.  We had a cita fall through after that so we contacted and then hno Gerardo called us. We visited Roberto---he was drinking and everything, so sad when a convert falls like that.    We had some meeting with our mission leader.  We talked over good things but the meeting was lame.
Salvador says that by Sunday he should know what to do about his wedding. We also talked over the organization of the church. We taught a lesson to an investigator and it went ok---hopefully she can progress.  We got with hno Gerardo and he takes us with him to the investigator Gerardo’s house and he challenges him to be baptized next week. And he said yes the sprit was so strong in the lesson.   We searched for a reference and nothing then the hno took us to eat---cool.
Contacted lots and found a less active. Then nothing else just one lesson at night---super lame the guy was way weird.
In the morning we taught a doctor and the lesson went well.  After that we met with Salvador. Also  a ok lesson, nothing special.  We visited some less actives and felt the spirit. Then contacting
I felt sick today, achy body, pretty lame. We visited lots of less actives, not much else, one good lesson with Gerardo and one of his daughters that hasn’t listened to the lessons. Then home early lots of pills.
Wow crazy Salvador started saying stuff at church and Gerardo bashed him, in front of all the people.  Some of the questions Salvador had were kind of contentious. Who knows if Salvador will progress! We had District Meeting and Elder Jensen ran the meeting and it was good. Not much else.
We went to Jerez, a town in my district and ate weird pizza. I bought stuff for the girls and mom but I don’t know what to get dad. hhmmmmm.
Love you all so much

Elder Keefin Bickmore


Weird day! We couldn’t really work.

In the morning we visited with Natalie. We had some cita’s lined up but they fell through. We found a cool guy, Edgar, he seems like he could progress. I'm so tired now all the time.

In the morning we did service helping someone move at like 9 a.m and then we met with Salvador. Good lesson, he just needs to get married. We had to travel with the zone to Fresnillo (town North of Zacatecas) for a special meeting with the Mission pres. He had to explain some stuff and talk about obedience. I got two packages, one from the ward and one from the girls---super sweet. We got back kind of late and I started divisions with Elder Gallegos. Hno Gerardo, our mission leader, helped us. He drove us to the interview I had to give. for Hna Nancy---she passed fast. We went to the house of mineros. I forgot---two elders more are here in Mineros----6 elders in one ward, living in the same house as Mineros.

Good study with Elder Gallegos, a lot on the spirit. We went to see hno Javier---he was sad for some things that had happened but we cheered him up then he accompanied us for like 5 hours from 12 to 5, even ate with us. Had to perform two interviews at night. Edwin, like 13, passed super easily. Edith, 22, she is studying philosophy and she likes to talk a lot, also long interview---she didn’t pass. It was sad but she will definitely be baptized in a future time, she is really cool. And Ii think she will be really prepared next time.

We contacted a bunch in the morning but like no one home then we went to an area more like a ranch, dirt roads and all. We met with a lady hna Martha and then we visited Nataly. Started a fast with her, her first. She really expressed her feelings super good. We attended the baptism of Nancy and Edwin. It all went well. Elder Wensel, a new gringo missionary baptized his first people. Ooooohh the memories haah.

Salvador and Gerardo at church and it went ok expect the bishop talked way to much in all the clasess. DM went well also. Lots of people. But I liked it. Also Ii ordered a name tag, an extra like a year ago and I just got it.

I'm dead tired again. 1st basketball full court, then volleyball and soccer.


Elder Bickmore



Good day today! First we went with hno Salvador; he is so good ---really wants to get baptized but has his issues. He has kidney stones so we gave him a blessing. We had a comida with a hna and she asked us to bless her house. We contacted and made some some citas. We met up with hno Gerardo, along with a member of the ward, hno Eleazar, so Gerado could get to know another hno. My stomach is always hurting me lately.

Citas in the morning but they all fell through so we contacted a bit and then we had to go to the Internet Café to send off reports. We searched for some people but no one home so we contacted and found a guy named Fileberto----he could be cool. We talked with 3 señoras who had tons of questions but they felt the spirit at the end.

Met first with Salvador and had a good lesson on the priesthood. We found someone later contacting, Maria, and she accepted a fecha. We went out with Gerardo--- super good today. He had a list of a bunch of the things he'd learned and it was intense then we talked with our mission leader.

Weird day. One guy contacted us, a member from Monterey, and he needed our help. We sent him to meet with the bishop. A drunk invites us into his house and talks to us for a long time. Met up again with Salvador and he had tons of hard questions (marriage D&C 132, etc.). Lots of contacts and it almost rained on us but just sprinkled--- i miss the rain.

Bad day---lots of contacts and nothing. A weird lady that saw a vision of stuff, apparently like of the Virgin Mary talked with us. We had a cool part the stake conference. Elder Valenzuela talked and he was really good. Gerardo and Nataly went.

Well Salvador couldn’t make it to the stake conference---his stones got to him. We sang two songs as a zone for the conference and it was bad. District meeting went well this time.

I'm wasted. We played a bunch of basketball and I am so tired.
Elder Keefin Bickmore



District meeting in the morning due to the fact we had an activity on Sunday. Elder Young gave this one on Lehi's dream. Then we taught Gerardo---he won’t be getting baptized this Saturday but he said he will one day. A hna asked if we could bless her house so we went over and gave her house a blessing. The rest of the day was visiting some less actives---pretty cool.

1st we went to visit the inactive son of the hna Maltos but he didn’t let us in. We went and talked with Salvador and he seemed super animated. He said that he wants to get married. We got money from the hna Maye and ate pollo feliz and then went to contact and found a joven----he seems pretty cool. We also visited a family we are reactivating.

In the morning we went to Jerez to interview a hna---she passed. We got back late because its Jerez is really far outside of the city. We ate and then contacted. Visited the hna Martha and pulled weeds for her.

Our first cita fell through so we went to visit Gerardo. He was sad---one of his friends (Transit officer) was killed by the bad guys---shot up his car. So we talked about the Plan of Salvation again. We got a ride to the bishops to eat (thank goodness super far). Both of us had to go to the bathroom so after that we returned to contacting.
Contacting! We found two people that could be really cool. Canuto y Mayela (weird names I know). We had a comida set up but they were not at home. Met with Salvador---hopefully his girlfriend decides to marry him.
Gerardo and Asael, his friend, all at church---cool. District Meeting and I gave this one. We combined the districts and we ate cake. We are having changes in the district but not my comp or me.

Finally we got our money! YES! I was down to $.00. Not much done today.


Elder Keefin Bickmore



Interviews with the Mission Pres today. Supposedly ours would be at noon but I knew that wouldn’t happen so we went and taught Salvador. Went and helped out a hna with a service project and got to the stake center around 3 and still had to wait for about 1 ½ hours. We couldn’t even go eat. After the interviews we had divisions. I went with Elder Alverez and we watched the Joseph Smith movie with Nataly and Gerardo. Due to time we missed the last bus but luckily a guy gave us a ride home.

Super tired to morning! We tried to visit Robert but he was not home---contacting and more contacting. A few slammed doors---one guy even ran away-- haha. We went to visit a less active family and then to pick up our clothes from hna Olga. Switched back with our comps and more contacting.

We visited with Hno Salvador and talked about chastity---how he needs to marry his "wife". We helped hno Gerador, the mission leader, move some tables for a church activity. My comp made his Mother’s day call and I just talked with the members and ate the food. They gave me ice cream, KFC, cake---good stuff.

Lots of contacting today but no one let us in, except a Jehovah’s Witness girl. She really didn’t know all that much but was still very hard-hearted. We went to visit the family of Esau and to help him get his instruments out of his house for a Mother’s day activity at the church. Then we helped serve food and dessert for mother’s day. Had a visit with Gerardo and Nataly. Gerardo talked way to much so it was a hard lesson. We told him to pray to know if he should get baptized next week. We visited a reference but no good.

Left early to go to Wal-Mart---to paint trees, the bottom part of the trunk---keeps the bugs off. Long and hard work! We got home for a super late and had to shower. Then left to contact then visit two less active families and give a blessing.

Salvador went to church today. Nice talking to you on the phone for Mother’s day. After the call we had an activity in the center to attract people.

Carne asada and games today….that’s all

Elder Keefin Bickmore