Interviews with the Mission Pres today. Supposedly ours would be at noon but I knew that wouldn’t happen so we went and taught Salvador. Went and helped out a hna with a service project and got to the stake center around 3 and still had to wait for about 1 ½ hours. We couldn’t even go eat. After the interviews we had divisions. I went with Elder Alverez and we watched the Joseph Smith movie with Nataly and Gerardo. Due to time we missed the last bus but luckily a guy gave us a ride home.

Super tired to morning! We tried to visit Robert but he was not home---contacting and more contacting. A few slammed doors---one guy even ran away-- haha. We went to visit a less active family and then to pick up our clothes from hna Olga. Switched back with our comps and more contacting.

We visited with Hno Salvador and talked about chastity---how he needs to marry his "wife". We helped hno Gerador, the mission leader, move some tables for a church activity. My comp made his Mother’s day call and I just talked with the members and ate the food. They gave me ice cream, KFC, cake---good stuff.

Lots of contacting today but no one let us in, except a Jehovah’s Witness girl. She really didn’t know all that much but was still very hard-hearted. We went to visit the family of Esau and to help him get his instruments out of his house for a Mother’s day activity at the church. Then we helped serve food and dessert for mother’s day. Had a visit with Gerardo and Nataly. Gerardo talked way to much so it was a hard lesson. We told him to pray to know if he should get baptized next week. We visited a reference but no good.

Left early to go to Wal-Mart---to paint trees, the bottom part of the trunk---keeps the bugs off. Long and hard work! We got home for a super late and had to shower. Then left to contact then visit two less active families and give a blessing.

Salvador went to church today. Nice talking to you on the phone for Mother’s day. After the call we had an activity in the center to attract people.

Carne asada and games today….that’s all

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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