District meeting in the morning due to the fact we had an activity on Sunday. Elder Young gave this one on Lehi's dream. Then we taught Gerardo---he won’t be getting baptized this Saturday but he said he will one day. A hna asked if we could bless her house so we went over and gave her house a blessing. The rest of the day was visiting some less actives---pretty cool.

1st we went to visit the inactive son of the hna Maltos but he didn’t let us in. We went and talked with Salvador and he seemed super animated. He said that he wants to get married. We got money from the hna Maye and ate pollo feliz and then went to contact and found a joven----he seems pretty cool. We also visited a family we are reactivating.

In the morning we went to Jerez to interview a hna---she passed. We got back late because its Jerez is really far outside of the city. We ate and then contacted. Visited the hna Martha and pulled weeds for her.

Our first cita fell through so we went to visit Gerardo. He was sad---one of his friends (Transit officer) was killed by the bad guys---shot up his car. So we talked about the Plan of Salvation again. We got a ride to the bishops to eat (thank goodness super far). Both of us had to go to the bathroom so after that we returned to contacting.
Contacting! We found two people that could be really cool. Canuto y Mayela (weird names I know). We had a comida set up but they were not at home. Met with Salvador---hopefully his girlfriend decides to marry him.
Gerardo and Asael, his friend, all at church---cool. District Meeting and I gave this one. We combined the districts and we ate cake. We are having changes in the district but not my comp or me.

Finally we got our money! YES! I was down to $.00. Not much done today.


Elder Keefin Bickmore

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