Divisions today and then we had a FHE, very annoying nothing worked!

Divisions continued today and the first lesson sucked. The investigator (he) wouldn’t let us talk and really annoyed me so I finally told him what was up. The second lesson went really well though and she accepted a fecha. We met up with the ZL’s for food and to hang out and have fun with the missionaries. We taught another lesson and then we returned to our comps. We visited Nataly and talked about baptism---everything is set for this Saturday YES!

Lesson with Salvador today and we were going to teach the whole plan of salvation but he wouldn’t accept the premortal life or the fall. Long lesson but at the end he kind of accepted everything. It’s because the Jehovah’s witnesses teach weird stuff. We went to eat and then more contacted, and found a lady and her two daughters’---one paid attention. We had a meeting with Nataly and her dad Gerardo. We taught lots chastity, Sabbath day, and tithing.

21 Years old today!

We met up with Salvador in the morning and then met with hna Olga. She is really cool and she bought me cake---yes! We had to travel to Jerez as I had to do an interview. Long ride to the village and then we had to walk more to the interview but the person passed. On the return to our area we barely made as we almost missed the last bus and would have been stuck in Jerez. We got off early to take another bus and it was also the last one of the day, and took forever. We had to meet up with the ZL’s for divisions.

Not that great of a day. The best part was the interview of Nataly---she passed, although after tons of time passed I thought she hadn’t---ahh. She wants Elder Gomez to baptize her---cool. We went to pick up some of my cake. It was really fun with Elder Young--we had a good time. Then back with our comps.

I kind of felt sick this morning and we had to plan and get a bunch of stuff for the baptism. In the end we never found the baptismal clothes so we just used my baptismal pants and my comps shirt. We had to fill up the font---little problems there but we got all fixed. Nataly got there and was super happy. Her dad, brother, and a few others, also lots of hnas came. Gerardo, our mission leader, also came. It was a great baptism and really spiritual. I gave her one of those Book of Mormons that you sent me Mom---Thanks. After the baptism we ate tacos with Elder Gaellgos and Alverez.

Nataly got confirmed today. Nobody else came to church though. Lots of less-actives, that was sweet. One family came, I have been working with them forever, and they finally came---Yes! We both had to talk in church and then we had to teach the next class. District meeting after church but I mostly had everyone else talk. I planned it that way. I'm sick of doing them now I’m tired.

We went to the Enchanted (the park) and we rode the little train as a zone---haha. We went to the zoo, small but kind of cool. We also played some basketball.

That’s about all folk’s good stuff. Love you all

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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