We had to leave the apartment early y then the cita fell through….but the second one was good. It was a hard lesson, lots of distractions and interruptions---hard to feel the spirit. We went and visited contacts. Talked with the hna Monica and she said she'd go to church on Sunday. She gave me a long sleeve shirt----sweet. We met with Natalia---super great lesson, she was crying through parts, really strong spirit. She accepted a fecha YES!

In the morning we went to teach Gererdo, the dad of Natilia. Natalia and Jose, her bro, were also there. A wee bit harder with everyone there---lots of questions and jumping ahead but a good lesson still. We had to drop off our clothes for washing and then we had a long walk ahead of us for our lunch appointment (Bishops house) but the Hno Chelieno drove us halfway there. It was a super far walk back--- all the way to Corea area. We walked an unexplored route, more fun but through hills and cactus---very fun. The cita was not there so we visited other hna in the area and she doesn’t really want to progress. We visited a less active family, Lizet and Alfonso, they are really cool.

Contacting all morning and no success until the last door and a guy who I never thought would let us in---let us in, and really loved it all and accepted fecha. His name is David. The bad thing us he is moving in a little bit. Later we talked with Pedro, a contact from a long time ago, and had a decent lesson. He really didn’t have a lot of time. We also taught a catholic who understood the need for a prophet and everything but still wouldn’t accept.

We contacted in the morning and found a guy named Salvador. He could be pretty cool. Gerardo gave us money so we went and got chicken for lunch. The Zone leaders called and asked if I could do an emergency interview for Bertha, one of their investigators. She had just gotten married and could be baptized the next day. We went and she passed, that’s good. She was originally ours but moved. Another lesson with Monica, the less active, she is doing well and should go this Sunday. Then a FHE with the Hna martha. Lots of older women, Natalia whose 19, and us. It was ok. We had a few issues but everything was fine---no problem. We had to leave because it was getting late but my comp didn’t want to cause he didn’t want to leave Natalia with them. I said lets go and he got kind of mad at me for that but I don’t care we had to go.

We had a meeting with Gerardo and Natalia. She was fine---no problems from the FHE like my comp though so he got over being mad. It was a pretty good lesson. We went to eat at a park called Enchanted with the rest of the district. Turns out there was no more food left for us---luckily hno Gerardo bought us pizza---great man. We helped the hnos take care of everything at the park and clean up. All of our other citas fell through so we went and watched the baptism of Bertha---really good.

Yes! Great Sunday. Natalia and Gerardo came to church, and some drunken guy who I really didn’t think would go---haha. The classes, not so cool, some hna asked a lot of questions, not good for investigators to hear stuff about the temple but they both seemed happy still. We had district meeting and I thought it went really well. I planned hard for it. We had a FHE planned but fell through so back to the house to plan

More soccer today and nothing bad happened this time, just a bit on my toe but I’m good for once haha. That’s all folks love you all so much

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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