We went to go see a lady who looked cool but apparently she was busy. We went out to apply something the Mission Pres taught about getting references. He had us visit old investigators and less actives from other wards. I told them to return to church and it would be great. Went to see others but they also fell through. We contacted and actually taught a guy but he really didn’t want anything. We walked super far to find Valetin, the Christian---not there. We contacted and found someone else. We met with Olga to get references and we talked about the atonement then we sang some songs and asked them if they had anyone we can visit. If they do we plan a FHE with that person. Well her visiting teachers were there so we got three references (it works).

Started knocking in Lomas del Lago, a new part of town. We had a good lesson with a hna Lety and then more contacting that ended up in another lesson, although not so good. Later we went back to Las Huertas (another part of town) for a few citas but nothing. We received a reference from the other elders and found a guy and his family. His name is Gerardo---he is way cool, lots of questions. His wife died almost 5 years ago.

Crappy day---only one lesson after much work and walking and it’s an older lady. She could be cool.

We taught Leticia, she is cool---she read and even marked certain things. The thing is she probably won’t go to church for some family outing. Contacting after that and a long wait for the food at the church. We were able to meet up with hno Gerardo and this time whole family was there, daughter (19), son (21), and son’s wife (20). We had a really cool, long lesson and they fed us. They all said they go to church this week, except the hno Gerardo. He can’t go because he works every other week.

Mission leader took us to eat and then we contacted and found nothing. Super long walk to help out the stake in an activity. The whole zone was there except the hnas. We really didn’t do much but we ate. Got my package---sweet! Had a few visits---nothing much
Natalie, the daughter of Gerardo, went to church, only one that came. She seemed to really like it. Stake president took over the reins to fix some of the problems in the ward. We had a meeting with the ward leaders and then with the stake pres. He taught us how a ward council should go. It was good. I learned a lot. We ate and had a meeting with the ZL's and then we had DM.

Today we went to a museum---it was cool I suppose---saw lots of stuff. Finally got my money YES! My comp went off with two other missionaries and disappeared for 3 hours, which hurt our time and worried us. I’m not really getting along all that well with him. I’ll see what I can do.

Love you guys-- Elder Keefin Bickmore

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