Our citas in the morning fell through so we contacted and then we had to walk super far to eat. Another lesson but the lady is going on vacations for like a month which I see as a problem. We had a lesson with Gustavo and a member of the stake presidency was there----good lesson but he doesn’t want anything.

We walked in the morning to go contact seeing as it saves money and we had to walk really far to the bishop’s house to eat. Then we took two buses going back to work because it was super late and we had to walk pretty far to Corea to talk with the Christian---he may progress. Then returning a less active gave us a ride. Our next cita fell through because we got there late.

Today was especially bad. We contacted the whole day---lots of walking. We contacted a lot and nothing, until we knocked one door. A whole meeting of Christian’s! We first sang I am a child of God and then a prayer. The spirit was definitely there---strong! Their pastor gets there and stops us from teaching and sends us off----dang it---was going to be super cool.

This is a very special day for the Catholics so we knew it would be hard. Actually they had actors in the streets acting out what happened to Christ, just randomly. We taught a kid but he had to leave, then some lady but she just played dumb and said she’s Catholic and doesn’t believe our message. Then Hno Gereado bought us chicken and ice cream and we made some visits with him.

In the morning we cleaned the church and after that hno Gerardo bought us gorditas. We visited hno Olga, good timing also. Xochitl had accidently cut off part of her finger at her work, she isn’t a member, but still wanted a blessing and there could not have been a better moment. We gave a few more lessons but nothing really special hopefully the people go to church, like the Christian Valeitn, he knows its true because he feels it and we answer all of his questions and everything using the scriptures. At the end of the day our last contact was a lady who actually could turn out pretty cool.

No one at church, just a less active young man we made friends with him, so hopefully we can help him. District meeting also went well---fiesta after. My comp has changes noo!. oh well!

All packed ready to go and now Elder Polo is gone and Elder Gomez is here.

Love you guys

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