Not going to write last week’s sorry just the few things you heard.

I don’t have time. MY foot is killing me literally---it’s horrible! Its shaking and I can’t walk. Luckily, the lady that cuts my hair gave us a ride and medicine. At least I made two goals in soccer---right!

We had zone conference it was good and gave me a good reason to be seated and not walk, although my foot is feeling a bit better. I had to speak for 15 minutes in the conference on diligence. It went well. We talked about lots of things but it went really well then we ate pizza yes! We had a cita with a lady and taught one lesson. Hopefully she progresses.

Pretty crappy today. Lots of contacting and no luck. Only one lesson in the whole day and he was atheist---very hard to work with. The mission pres performed house checks today and our house, we didn’t make our beds, got voted as the worst house.

We left early to go to Jerez, city outside of town, so I could do an interview for the hermanas, well two interviews. They both passed the children. Then the hnas bought us ice-cream---yum! The mom of the two niños gave us sandwiches with the good fillings and bread. The little girl called me French. Not sure if that’s an insult or not. ahha. Then we got back and ate. Few lessons today. One guy could be cool. The bus wasn’t passing, uho, it was 9:20 pm and it didn’t come so we waited a while until finally someone gave us a ride we got home like 9:55.

Well the day was going to be super intense and sweet tons of citas and basically all fell through but one. He accepted fecha that was good. The rest of the day was contacting and getting a call from the assistants. They wanted to know the closest airport for me to fly in to…...ahhh.

Conference---super good …then really bad news. When I went to get the money out of the bank with my ATM card to go eat with the other missionaries the ATM ate my card so I will now have to wait two weeks from Tuesday to get money. I only have 200 pesos that I took out of my own card nooooo! Luckily Elder Belnap is cool and he paid for the restaurant---it was pretty good. More conference. I remember being at home and not liking conference now it passes so slow and is so good. I hope you all watched it all. No investigators came to conference

Same business great conference but no investigator’s even though they promised. What was all of you all's favorites talk?

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