Weird day! We couldn’t really work.

In the morning we visited with Natalie. We had some cita’s lined up but they fell through. We found a cool guy, Edgar, he seems like he could progress. I'm so tired now all the time.

In the morning we did service helping someone move at like 9 a.m and then we met with Salvador. Good lesson, he just needs to get married. We had to travel with the zone to Fresnillo (town North of Zacatecas) for a special meeting with the Mission pres. He had to explain some stuff and talk about obedience. I got two packages, one from the ward and one from the girls---super sweet. We got back kind of late and I started divisions with Elder Gallegos. Hno Gerardo, our mission leader, helped us. He drove us to the interview I had to give. for Hna Nancy---she passed fast. We went to the house of mineros. I forgot---two elders more are here in Mineros----6 elders in one ward, living in the same house as Mineros.

Good study with Elder Gallegos, a lot on the spirit. We went to see hno Javier---he was sad for some things that had happened but we cheered him up then he accompanied us for like 5 hours from 12 to 5, even ate with us. Had to perform two interviews at night. Edwin, like 13, passed super easily. Edith, 22, she is studying philosophy and she likes to talk a lot, also long interview---she didn’t pass. It was sad but she will definitely be baptized in a future time, she is really cool. And Ii think she will be really prepared next time.

We contacted a bunch in the morning but like no one home then we went to an area more like a ranch, dirt roads and all. We met with a lady hna Martha and then we visited Nataly. Started a fast with her, her first. She really expressed her feelings super good. We attended the baptism of Nancy and Edwin. It all went well. Elder Wensel, a new gringo missionary baptized his first people. Ooooohh the memories haah.

Salvador and Gerardo at church and it went ok expect the bishop talked way to much in all the clasess. DM went well also. Lots of people. But I liked it. Also Ii ordered a name tag, an extra like a year ago and I just got it.

I'm dead tired again. 1st basketball full court, then volleyball and soccer.


Elder Bickmore

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