We went to see Salvador and everything should go well, I hope.   He said he would have some information for us about his wedding on Friday.  We had a cita fall through after that so we contacted and then hno Gerardo called us. We visited Roberto---he was drinking and everything, so sad when a convert falls like that.    We had some meeting with our mission leader.  We talked over good things but the meeting was lame.
Salvador says that by Sunday he should know what to do about his wedding. We also talked over the organization of the church. We taught a lesson to an investigator and it went ok---hopefully she can progress.  We got with hno Gerardo and he takes us with him to the investigator Gerardo’s house and he challenges him to be baptized next week. And he said yes the sprit was so strong in the lesson.   We searched for a reference and nothing then the hno took us to eat---cool.
Contacted lots and found a less active. Then nothing else just one lesson at night---super lame the guy was way weird.
In the morning we taught a doctor and the lesson went well.  After that we met with Salvador. Also  a ok lesson, nothing special.  We visited some less actives and felt the spirit. Then contacting
I felt sick today, achy body, pretty lame. We visited lots of less actives, not much else, one good lesson with Gerardo and one of his daughters that hasn’t listened to the lessons. Then home early lots of pills.
Wow crazy Salvador started saying stuff at church and Gerardo bashed him, in front of all the people.  Some of the questions Salvador had were kind of contentious. Who knows if Salvador will progress! We had District Meeting and Elder Jensen ran the meeting and it was good. Not much else.
We went to Jerez, a town in my district and ate weird pizza. I bought stuff for the girls and mom but I don’t know what to get dad. hhmmmmm.
Love you all so much

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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  1. Hi there! Our son Joseph was called to Torreon and leaves July 9th. I've been trying to find current info on this mission and can't find a website or anything. Would you mind answering a few questions?
    Thank You!