Letter received 7-14-10

Spanish is way hard still so many dang rules its hard to keep track of them all uhg. But I can say prayers and stuff small sentences some vocab words not a lot yet. We had a fireside yesterday that was about the same as every talk we hear. Work hard, the mission is the lord’s time so don't mess around. The mission will be hard but worth it blah blah blah. They really should change things up luckily the district discussion afterwards which is usually about what we listened to and got out of the talk was a little diff. President Ricks part of the MTC presidency talked about Spanish instead and how he was horrible at the LTM (Language Training Mission-- he's older ha ha). But he says that in the field it just comes so much faster and that we should just relax and enjoy are time here. Still work hard but don't over stress so that was good.

Most of the days are the same here wake up early i always seem tired but so does everyone. Study personally, as a comp, language study, and then get taught by Hermano Peniliio and Hermana Neilson. Both really good teachers! Although Sunday was really cool we had a fireside but it was actually different. It was Dallen H Oak’s daughter speaking and playing the Violin. She’s way good. She went to Julliard and has a bunch of albums and stuff. Elder Oaks was there but he didn't speak lol. Then after that most of our district when to see a movie that they provide, you know mission stuff. It was called the district 2 part 1. And it was amazing; it was funny and taught us a lot. It’s like our own TV show drama, so we are excited for part to next Sunday. The best part was at the end they even had a next time to hook you. So as you can see my sense of entertainment has dropped dramatically along with my sense of humor but hey I’m more spiritual then all you and still very buff, and humble about it.

I'll send you guys so pictures at some point whenever I get around to it.

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