Letter received 7-8-10

Dear Familia (that means family for you people who don't speak Espanol (Spanish). Well, I've been her for a week...crazy huh. Today's my fist p-day but it's still a lot of study time so it doesn't seem all that much different, except that I got to email you guys and I am also wearing my normal clothes. It's funny whenever I wear my blink 182 shirt a bunch of people always comment like "awesome a blink fan", or "hey I went to that concert" to "it's pretty sweet." Well I guess I'll start with the last time we saw each other.

I came in and there was a host elder who grabbed my suitcases and showed me where to go. He lead me up to my room, which I share with my other two comps. We get extra room. For instance I get the whole desk to myself and my comps have to share one. I'm on the 3rd floor so I get a bit of exercise there. Then the rest of the day went quick and I'm pretty sure I already to you about it so skipping to day 2.

My 1st night of sleep sucked. It was way cold and my blankets kept coming off so I kept waking up. Needless to say I was tired the next day. We had gym at 7:30 so instead of dressing up and going to the cafeteria as usual we went straight to a smaller area to get a sack breakfast (donut, frosted flakes, water, and chocolate milk) At gym most everyone played basketball, including myself. What you have to do is line up at one of the 5 hoops at the free throw line and shoot a free throw. If you make it your in the game. We only play 3 on 3, half court so a lot of people had to wait. Each game is only to 7 points. I played a few. I need to work on my free throws. But the games I played in I did well enough. Then we had some classes (gospel stuff) and some Spanish. One of my companions (Elder Lunt) somehow messed up his knee, like it was swollen. It didn't hurt him unless he bent it. So we got to go out of the MTC, miss some classes, and walked over to the BYU doctors office. It was a 5 minute walk. While Elder Young and I waited for Edler Lunt to get finished we got to watch some TV. It was only ESPN but still. The doc told him to take some pain pills and he should be OK. Didn't work.

The MTC presidency came by to talk to us and then interviewed us, just when I thought they would end. They called a district leader from our group, Elder Cambert. He is cool. They also made jr. and sr. companions for each companionship. Elder Young is our sr comp. Then I did some push ups.
Apparently I talk ed in my sleep, so it's like Teal.

July 2nd was basically the same although they wanted us to have our testimonies written in Spanish by Sunday so our district worked on that just in case we had to give our testimony. Busy all the time but hey, it's all good. The best part was the pizza for dinner. Also our teaches want us to bear our testimony to five others, luckily we can use our written one.

Yo se que Jose Smith fue un profeta ueradaero. Yo se que el libro de Mormon es otro testamento de Jesus Christo y es verdadero. Yo se que Jesus Christo es mi salvador y mi redemtor. En el nombre de Jesus Christo amen.

That is basically it. There's a bit more but I'm sick of writing.

July 3rd. We got more study time and they asked us to memorize the baptism prayer in Espanol. Super tired again, like everyday. We had a super long fireside and got to see the Freedom festival's fireworks.

July 4th. Sunday. Fast Sunday. It was tough enough. Everyone was hungry, thirsty, and tired (cause of the fireworks lasted past 10:30 but we still had to get up at 6:30). We had lots of study time and then we had a meeting for all the people int he MTC. Then more study time, followed by Sacrament. Most of us bore our testimonies (me included). I put some pics on my digital picture frame. I love that thing now.

Basically, you get life here.

Elder Lunt went back to the doctor this time in the MTC and he was in there forever. Apparently he has some fluid in his knee so we get to go by bus to another doctor somewhere.
Hey I love you all and I miss you. But don't worry about me I like everyone, although keep me in your prayers for Spanish.

You asked about the food. They usually have four choices everyday and at least one is good so that always a benefit. My testimony has definitely improved. Thanks for the cookies. Make sure you all tell everyone to write me. Dad don't get to weak and if you want to know about my comps and district then I can email yo more next time.
Love you guys

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