Letter received 7-23-10

Well 1st off last P-day i got my haircut, really pretty short. It looks good also. I still spike my hair cause it's short (yea). The next day Elder Young was sick so I got a little nap. Then it turned out that another elder wsa sick in our district (Elder Anderson). So we did a temp comp exchange so the sick elders stayed together while we went to class. Later on, Elder Young felt better and we went to a thing called a T.E. (Teaching Education or something). We went to learn stuff. The next day they were both sick again so we did the same exchange. Elder Smith had to gie a talk in Sacrement meeting, he'll be the 1st from our district, I think it's because they were leaving though. He did well. The food suckec and they only had ice cream for lunch (ugh). The next daymore service. This was the 1st time I didn't have the bathrooms. I did a bunch of odd jobs instead.

Way deep into the doctrine we went today (I guess he is trying to be like Yoda). Especially on the fall of adam and eve. It was cool. for gym I played soccer. There were like a million people but I scored a goal (boya). We did Spanish contacting and stuff.

The Peruvians last day with us. It was pretty sad. Elder Vagas is who I wil lmiss the most. He's so funny. We had some really cool teachign exercies were you had a to get to know someone, like really question one of the members of our district, adn then try to give them some kind of spiritual thought. We all learned alot about some of hte members of our distrcit. Then we had a devotional, which I hard was good but I couldn't stay awake. This was bad becaues we had a reveiw of it afer, in our district, and everyone was giving great spiritual thoghts and I was like...um I feel asleep...and didnt get anything out of it. Spirit was gone. But Elder Camber was like just share somehting you 've learned. So I did, which helped bring the spirit back. Also Elder Young's girlfriend sent me and Elder Lunt a small note, sourpatch candies, and a can of pop.

Today was just studying email. Lunch was way good, some pizza and ice cream. Right now I'm just waiting for my laundry to get finished. Well Adios. I love you guys.
We played soccor again today and I got a cool assiste. Le me explain it to you (he drew the following).

Passed to my teammate, faked the goalie, teammate makes it. To tell you the truth i acutally meant to score I just had bad aim, but it ened up cool. Of course I didn't tell anyone what really happened

Adios for real

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