Received 7-28-10

Well this week nothing really special happened until today p-day but I can't start with that so I'll start with last p-day.
Last p-day after i did all my letters, and then stuff started to really suck.
When we were doing laundry something got screwed up in my washing machine for my dark's and it didn't finish the last 4 mins of my cycle so my towel and other few clothes, luckily very few, were soaked. I had to haul them to the dryer dripping everywhere...then it took 2 30 min cycles to dry them :( (Darn laundry to a bad place). Well that's about all I can remember about that day without my journal here. I should bring that when I do this hmm. Needless to say not the happiest day. We are all still tired throughout the day no matter what. I've heard that that's just how the mission goes YAY:).

The next day...well nothing in my memory stands out (next time I'll bring my journal that would be smart).
Skipping forward to Sunday. On Sunday in our district I gave the spiritual thought and prayer. Then my companions and I gave a overview of one of the missionary handbook pages in priesthood meeting. During this meeting we found out my favorite member of the MTC presidency is getting released (Bro. Ricks). He was the funniest and had the best advice so I am a bit sad. In Sacrament I gave the opening prayer and the spiritual thought. Both were in....yep you guessed it, Spanish. Needless to say my spiritual thought sucked. O well. We had a devotional one of my faves yet. We were showed a bunch of the church commercials and he gave us a spiritual thought on each. Then we went to watch the movie but they weren't playing the district 2 part 3 noooo! So we watched Legacy instead (how cheesy parts of that are).

Well my letter will have a lot more info because I forgot lots of stuff that happened.

Wed 7-28
Today we got to go to the temple for the first time it was sweet and it changed things up how nice :)


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