Received 7-29

Well I thought it was about time I sent you some pictures.
Let's see.....Back to last p-day. After my laundry died we went to class. We took out the extra gay desks that the Peruvians sat at. I'm not sure if I explained our desks to let me explain. The desks were small and slanted (who knows why). So now we had more room and we went searching for better things. We found nice big tables (2 of them) and some nice chairs, kinda like our computer chair, so we brought them in and got rid of the crappy ones. Well at least Elder's Lunt, Cambert, Anderson, and I. The rest got stuck with the crappy ones. The classroom looked so much better and more organized.

Worked out today and it felt good. After that Elders Lunt, Gollner, Ogden, Young, and I had a debate on whether homosexuality was genetic or not.

Hermano Penallio showed us the 5th floor. Wow! Their classrooms were nice. They had a great view, big TV's, and nice desk (darn them). We then got more tables so everyone except our teachers have nice tables. Our classroom looks like a conf. room (sweet).

Volleyball..sand volleyball for gym today. Outside. Very fun. After that we came back to shower and Elder Lunt and I found the holy grail of showers. We went to the first floor and the showers there were way powerful and there was no wait.
We had TRC after that and we got to teach the plan of salvation. The 1st part was hard. We had to talk to an investigator for 15 minutes in Spanish. We then taught the rest in English, which she didn't speak all that great. We taught very simple and it was our best lesson yet. We, as a district, are trying to speak as much Spanish as possible..very hard.
As a companionship we went through a bunch of scriptures for lesson 2 and tabbing them took forever. During our study Elder Lunt and I kept laughing about dumb stuff. We laughed so was great. That night tie trading happened. Lots of peopled wanted my skinny bad.

Service again (bathroom). I am a pro now at cleaning. Volleyball again...nice to be in the sun. The rest of the day was normal. I found the video "Finding Faith in Christ" and we started watching it. I got a really good scripture out of that....I think it is Matthew 7:21

We watched Finding Faith in Christ all through before Hermano Penallio (we call him Hermano Pen) came to class. We figured out if you blow on your name tag a certain way it makes a really loud noise. So we were all doing that and Elder Aston (from another district) came in and was like "can you quiet it down", it was funny cause we had a teacher in the room with us. We were having a fun class discussion and we were all laughing hard. So the other district sent in another elder to us. Hermano Pen got mad at him...saying we are having a class discussion here and if you want to study go somewhere else. The kid was like....ooh sorry and left. So funny
We had a good fireside from Gene R Cook. It was cool.

Love you all

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