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Last Thursday was Elder Lunt's final appointment on his knee, even though he tried to cancel because he was all better. We went on the shuttle back to civilization and then, guess what; the doctor said yep all good, so it was all just a big waste of time. I worked out which always feels good. Hermano penallio was gone with his fiancĂ© at her family reunion so we had a sub. Hermano Nava it was really good and we learned tons of Spanish stuff hard to remember….uhhg! Hermano Nava as our teacher again. We had the LGM (large group meeting) with the guy we had the first time who said he was fired the last time he talked to us. I'm not really sure what’s going on. He is very funny. He really pumped us up to baptize since that’s our main purpose. Then we had our TRC Spanish part…not so good. The lesson went great though. Then Hermana Nielson showed us a way good talk by Elder Bednar.

On Tuesday (7-31) we were suppose to have the 1st vision memorized in Espanol (Elder Lambert did) before our teacher came. The rest of us, including me, memorized most of it. Luckily, by the end of the end of the night all of us did it. We learned a cool game, which helped us memorized it.
Sunday is Fast Sunday and fasting always is fun :), but for once I fasted for a good reason.

Elder Lunt was called as our new District Leader. Now we all have to get the mail (a wee bit annoying).
My companionship got to teach the Plan of Salvation to the class.  It went well. We keep trying to watch the District 2 part 3 but it wasn’t on again…(Testaments showing) so we just watched some stuff on the class companionships
Our class is now way good at the 1st vision. Oh…and on Saturday for planning we all decided to only speak Spanish. Of course, it’s not going all that well. I finished 2nd Nephi (boo ya).
I am still working out and have gained a few pounds.

Tuesday started off like any other day, because every day starts that way!
We got to class and had to take some language assessment on the computer….most of us did way bad.

Then Gym! (Dun Dun Dun…lightning crackles in the background) We went outside because the day before I had worked out. We started playing soccer on smaller nets so we would have less people and more fun. I got open and started dribbling the ball up kicked it under Elder Lambert and almost made the goal when Elder Bills blocked the ball and it went flying. We ran after it and my foot twisted, and swelled up like a balloon. It’s huge! My ankle doesn’t hurt to bad. I’ll send some pics soon

After I killed my foot, with the help of Elder’s Bills and Lunt (Elder Young was in the gym) they helped me to the Field building.  I sat down and looked at my ankle and the left side of the ankle bone was like BOOM!  I was way swollen.  The lady there had me move it and she checked it out to make sure it was all ok.  Then she taped a bag of ice to my foot …so cold.   I got crutches.  Every 2 hours for 20 minutes I have to ice my foot.  Dinner sucked.  My comps brought back a meal—no bueno.  We had a fireside, which Elder Anderson actually carried me to…so funny having a piggy back ride. Now to class I get to use the elevators at least Everyone but Elder Young and I went to the Temple.  I didn’t think I could make it.  Elder Young and I went to the gym, which is unfortunately pretty far.  Then a guy pulled and prodded on my ankle, trying to see how bad it is.  He called it a high sprain.  He put these little pads on my foot connected to a machine and then taped ice on it.  The pads received electricity from the machine.  It’s supposed to help with swelling.  It felt pretty weird. 
My night sucked for some reason my ankle decided it needed to be painful for me.  We’ve gone back a few times for ice. Doing laundry sucks.  My comps do most of it but crutching back and forth is so tiring.  That’s pretty much it. It sucks pretty bad but everyone’s been pretty helpful, especially my comps.   Don’t worry too much.  You can worry some thought…so send some good stuff

I love you all

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