Received 8-16

We had gym really early which meant physical therapy for me and sticking my ankle in an ice bucket. Muy Fria! Because my foot was numb they had me do some workouts, like, moving it in all directions. I got to go back a couple more times that day to ice my ankle. After that we had a very spiritual class from Hermano Penallio. Then we got to go on a walk which kinda sucked but it was pretty scenery.

Friday was TRC. This time we had to do the whole thing in Spanish, a 15 min. get to know them and a 35 min. lesson en espanol. It actually went pretty well. All of us said a good amount. Hermano Penallio was our teacher in the morning and he gave us a good lesson on how important members being missionaries is, and stuff like that. After the TRC our sub came in, Hermano Roxy, who is very cool and told us lots of sweet stories.

The branch president had a district that has been here for 2 weeks more than us teach the whole branch how to plan, which trust me, we have lots of talks on that. It was a huge waste of time because we have already heard all of it.

Elder Anderson was talking with the branch presidency and then was quiet for the rest of the day. We finally got to watch The District 2 part 3.

Well it's Sunday today so we gets lots of studying in.
I watched and studied conference talks because it is important to know what the prophets are saying. Then as a district we watched the best of general conference 2010. Who knew that even existed? There was some pretty epic music that went along with it.
My ankle is doing much better, the swelling has gone down and I can walk ok without crutches. After that we had a devotional and then we got to watch a movie. We didn't want to see The District again so we had to hurry to get in to see the Joseph Smith movie. Unfortunately I couldn't go very fast because of my ankle and some how we got separated from Elder Lunt. Elder Young and I went to the balcony and watched the movie with Elder Young, Lambert, and Anderson throught the railway. Totally worth it it is so powerful and is my favorite church movie. Elder Lunt ended up with really good seats...lucky him.

Service day today but I couldn't do much because of crutches so they had me go pretty far down to vacuum off erasers from the chalk boards for an hour and a half....pretty boring.
We had pork rib for dinner which was muy malo and killed my stomach (and my companions). Thank goodness for Imodium.

Today is Tuesday (8-10) and worst day of my mission. Elder Anderson has decided he is not ready to go on a mission at this time. It was really weird and the night sucked so much was going through our heads. Now all I have is Elder Lunt as a companion. It is so weird. Now I have to share my desk.

I was able to go to the Temple today.

Spanish is getting easier I can understand more than I can speak it as long as they go really slow.

Well that is about it
Love you

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