Received 8-18

The time travel fast.
Alright well I think I told you most of what happened.
We had a sub Hermano De La Cruz. You'll never guess where he's from. Bad guess! Your wrong. Alright I'll tell you. He's from Saudi Arabia...pretty cool right. He went to an English school there so he spoke mainly English. And his parents are Tongan. He speaks some Arabic pretty fluently, Tagolic, Spanish, and English....crazy eh? (Thats what Canadians say:).

Thursday Elder Lunt and I went to the TE (Teaching Education) without elder Young since he's no longer our companion. Although when we signed up for it, it was with him so it was kinda last minute and me and Elder Lunt had never taught with just two before so it was scary and kinda hard to, and he gave us some really good advice. That help us stay focused and one thing throught the lesson like reading the book of mormon so the lessons not all jumpy.

TRC today but for some reason something got messed up and the TRC started at like 5 on the dot, though class didn't start until like 5:15 so we were all late because no one told us. Then we didn't get to do the task which was shopping and talking to store owners but o well. So we just went straight to the lesson which was the first lesson in spanish. The people we talk pretended to be Jewish that was kinda hard especially when we said Jesus was already on the earth. But overall the lesson went well. Also I made my first and still my only tie trade today. The tie I got is so funny looking its like a lava lamp coloring.
Adios my familia and my faithful readers of my blog.

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