Received 8-30

Family and others that may read,
I passed the physical therapy fit for play test on 8-20. There is still a bit of swelling but no more pain and I get my gym time back.
We did our weekly district planning all in Spanish today---muy deficil. Hermano Pen gave a good lesson on the Atonement. He had us read some talks…one that was really good was the Inconvenient Messiah by Elder Holland.
Elder Lunt and I got to bless the sacrament in Spanish…I got stuck with the bread….which is longer. No mess ups from either one of us. After that we had to give a lesson for out district on the Saviors earthly ministry (this was in English—lucky).
Elder Lunt was sick so we couldn’t do our service…we had to take a nap (darn it). He started to feel better so we were able to go to some of our classes. Some old guy was teaching a Health meeting and he talked for like an hour and a half about stuff we knew already.
I got to play volleyball today. First time for me doing something since I hurt my foot.
Elder Holland came today (8-24) and spoke. It was great
Well that’s it for now
Love ya

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