Today we had a bunch of paper slips saying go to the Travel office ASAP. All of us got one except Elder Lambert, poor guy. Even Elder Wahl who is from another dist thats going to Torreon who got left by himself got one. Tomorrow the Consulate.... yay.
They told Elder Lambert that he is being temporarily reassigned to..... guess where? Provo Utah probably on campus. He isn't to down about it though he thinks its really funny.

The Consulate today on a bus to salt lake with like 20 elders. It was really weird cause I drove down the same freeway for school. I got to see lots of stuff even Lehi high. The consulate was really boring we got there got a picture, got our fingerprints taken and signed 3 papers. They said for sure we leave next week.

This morning during personal study and Hermano Penailillo came in and we asked him so check out a devotional for us. Then all of us went on the search for a TV which took forever. It was fun to have Hermano Pen there again...he, of course, was funny like usual. The devotional was by Elder Holland and was different then the others he has and really good.

Since we don't know when we are going we started packing and got most of our things packed. Just to be prepared ahead of time.

Fast Sunday today and this one was really hard as my stomach hurt because I was so hungry. Lucky we got cream at the end. I lost my name tag somewhere/time today. Later the general information desk called "Elder Keefin Bickmore" down to their desk. Elder Lambert loved that because for some reason he loves saying my 1st name.

Elder Lambert left today (that's 2 from our district gone now). We went to the temple today and waited for our flight plans

We Got our flight plans today. we are leaving on Sept 10 (only 10 days big deal). We fly to Dallas and then onto Torreon.

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