Received 9-11

Well I made it to Mexico in one piece, although they did lose my big suitcase in transit. The Mission President says it should hopefully get here soon. Elder Gollner and Ogden also had luggage lost.

The Mission President and his wife couldn't pick us up because they had a meeting at some area near Cancun so we were picked up by the Assistants to the president. They both spoke English luckily. We went out to eat at some restaurant and got these awesome taco things called Vampiros (that's vampires in English). My stomach survived the first meal that's good. Sleeping was hard and its hot here. We meet our Comps and go to our area around 1 or 2 pm today. It's pretty crazy. They all said don't worry about´ll be totally lost and won´t be able to speak or understand basically anyone. It was so funny at the restaurant all the Mexicans looked at us gringos like what the heck are you doing here.

We met the Mission President and his wife this morning. We ran with him and he´s a beast he ran like 6 miles I only made 3 miles we didn´t go to fast which was nice. His wife cooked us a great pancake breakfast.

Well I love you all so much have fun with work and school. My P-day is on Monday so I´ll be able to update quite soon.

Adios Su Hijo Elder Bickmore.

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