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Well the last time I wrote I was at the presidents house.

After I e-mailed you we all went to some place to get Visa pics because the ones we took at home didn't work here for some reason lame right. Then we met our companions. My companion is a native, who doesn't speak any English only Spanish and Maya. He's super short...its funny. His name is Elder Poot. Elders Young and Gollner also got Natives. Elders Whal and Ogden got Americans, who spoke good Spanish.
We headed out. I probably won't see any of my district from the MTC for like 2 years that sucks cause we are all good friends.

Its crazy! I've been in Mexico for 2 days and a night. Its really crazy here. Everyone is so poor. No one has carpet and most don't have air conditioning. They have fans. The roads are sometimes paved but very horribly paved. My companion, Elder Poot, only speaks Spanish, so that super hard. There are a bunch of bugs in our place also. Its super small and also no carpet or air conditioning. I can't flush my toilet paper. It goes in a trash next to the toilet.....ya I know gross eh? Plus on the plane ride to Mexico one of my suitcases got lost so I still don't have a lot of stuff like a pillow. Plus i really can't talk to many people but its all good. I really actually haven't taught all that many people just bare my testimony a lot and tell them where I'm from.

I would tell you about my days here but i don't really know whats happening most of the time we wake up eat breakfast then go to some houses talk to them or teach them I'm not always sure, then we eat at someones house almost always some kind of soup with beans and some kind of meat, noodles, and potatoes. More talking eat again then bed time. Maybe I'll figure something out eventually.

My Comp told me that I was going to be able to baptize some investigator in the morning, His name is Gerardo Jose Nevella Rodrigez. Ahhh I haven't ever done that its crazy.

Sunday the 12th

Sacrament first for church I really didn't get anything out of it as I didn't understand what was going on. I was way tired and it was hot so I started dozing off :(
We do wear our suits on for church. Next was the gospel principles class, which I actually figured out was about tithing and fast offerings. Priesthood. then the baptism.

Everything was going well except we couldn't get the door for the viewers open none of the keys worked. So my comp, just as I'm coming out in my white baptismal clothing, jumps in and walks to the doors, climbs up the viewing window, and opens the door in his suit. He's crazy.

Elder Rodrick who speaks English helped me again like he did the night before at some ward thing. He explained everything I had to do. I'm glad we memorized the baptismal prayer in Spanish.

Since my sandals and shampoo and stuff was lost Elder Poot let me borrow his. For breakfast I had cornflakes with some kind of chocolate powder mixed with water because we had not milk. It was sick. We took a taxi to the stake center and they were broadcasting a CES fireside. Richard G. Scott was presiding. All of it was being translated so I really didn't get much out of it except that it was about marriage and your relationship with your companion.

I really hope my suitcase gets here soon.

We had personal study which was great all in English then companion study, where he helped me with contacting and teaching the first lesson. We went shopping at a store, kind of like a Smiths but smaller. I bought tortillas, cheese,lucky charms, fruit loops, and Milk. I also got 1400 pesos out of my debit card the church gives us that's what we get a month. now I'm at some little cyber cafe. plus its way hot.

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