week of 9-13

Almost every house here has a large fence of some sort guarding it and all the windows and doors are barred. Sweet huh! Some of the fences have spikes or broken glass cemented in to discourage people from climbing over. Also there are a million taxis. I guess that’s a good way to make a living here. They’re pretty expensive too. Well for Mexicans and missionaries expensive, not for you rich Americans. For instance a long ride in a taxi costs like 70 pesos ($7) and that’s like a 30 min to 40 min drive. Dogs everywhere and not in the best shape either….dirty mangy dogs. Apparently the lady that we were going to, to wash our clothes canceled so no washing them. Later we contacted two ladies on their porch of course Catholic. We taught basically the whole first lesson to them. I did a small part on the apostasy and my testimony. We gave them a pamphlet on the restoration and asked them to read it before our next visit. Three days later we visited and she hadn't read so we probably won’t go back. Then we went to one of the small shops they have here and the lady who for the life of me name I cannot remember talked to us for a while. She is a member and really likes to talk to me so I have to use my Spanish to English dictionary a lot. She also gave me a free water bottle. My suitcase arrived heck yes. Happiness!

I decided that I needed to work out so I did like 150 push ups on my bed because I don't really trust the floor. Then we had district meeting lots of gringos there. Yay! Of course all of them spoke Spanish but a few would talk to me in English. We then got to watch a few small sections from the district 2 in English. The gringos that spoke good Spanish, all of them except me, translated every few minutes. Two of the elders in our zone had bdays so we had pinatas for them. It’s weird cause here they have no candy in the pinata if you break it you get a bag for doing so weird huh. We took a bus to the meeting and back and like all drivers here crazy. It costs six pesos to ride. You jump on hope there’s a seat if not you stand all hold to the railing at the roof. When you want get off you go either to the back or the front. And at the back there’s a guy that hits the side of the bus so the bus driver knows to stop and you get of quick cause they don't wait long. We had dinner with a family where the dad spoke a little bit in English that was nice. Then next house had two guys that spoke really good English, especially the younger one. They had both been deported for being in gangs and doing who knows what. The younger is deported for life. The younger especially misses the USA. They are both not really active but are trying to come back to church. They still drink a little but are trying to stop. Next family was a member family. They spoke to me a lot and we had to work hard to understand each other but is was good to be pushed.

150 push ups again! Feels really good to do some…also helps me not be so depressed for some reason. I need to keep it up or I may get fat here. Probably not but the food here is way more carb packed and heavy. Basically everyone, even the teenagers have fat stomachs. We had a Zone meeting and I saw Elder Holder. He was in the other zone that came to Torreon at the same time as us. It was to talk to someone that had been here only a bit longer than me.
Pres. Clark and his wife came, which was cool to see them. We got to watch all three episodes of the district 2. This time they had Spanish subtitles so no translating but they did stop at certain points to ask what we learned from a lesson they taught or something like that. At the end Hermana Clark made sandwiches’ for us with Doritos. Heaven. Today was the Mexican Independence day, a big celebration like the 4th of July. Partying and drinking of course.
We didn't knock doors cause my comp said we'd be shot so instead we to the church and talked with members. Then a guy walked in with a sombrero and let me try it on and sit on his motorcycle for a pic.

I finally set my alarm and put it in our study room so I would have to get up. My comp started washing his clothes on a little washing board on the side of our house because he had run out of clean stuff. I really hope we don't have to do that on pday that would take forever. My comp had started the shower for him but was doing stuff so I went first and behold a miracle---hot water. I have been taking cold showers the whole time. We walked like 20 minutes to a ranchito on the outskirts of Chapala….not too far from civilization. We taught one lady at the house who wasn't a member although her mom who she lived with is. Their house was big and pretty nice for a house here although the ranchitos are gross, lots of trash everywhere. We went to teach a bunch of lessons back in close to our house and like 4 of them fell through so we contacted a bit then went to the church for food. I put some salsa on my food and oh man it was hot my mouth was burning. At the church there was a girl that had actually lived in Utah for 6 years about 8 years ago. She spoke English so I talked to her. And of course her advice like all the advice from the Mexicans speak a lot and you'll learn but that’s hard when you can barley understand people but whatever. I'm starting to really not mind being here too much. At times I get discouraged and what not but overall lots better.


We had to go on splits today. I went with Elder Romero, a native of course. His area was like 15 minutes away by walking. We basically the whole time knocked doors and taught like 5 lessons. One lady was crazy and was like all the churches are the same and are all good, and even though we proved we weren’t all the same. Elder Romero had me teach a bunch of sections of the 1st lesson, of course I wasn't able to teach a lot, I think it was good to do. When we got back together I started talking to Elder Porter, Elder Romero's comp. He’s American. We got on the subject of disobedient missionaries somehow and he told me how there were lots, like Elders that go to movies and stuff like that. That surprises me for some reason that missionaries would do that. Then he said and of course we aren’t all perfect and you need to pick your vices only small things. I don't agree I think it’s best to be as obedient as possible. Then me and my dad (your first companion in the field) went to a ladies house to eat and then did service afterward at her house. Weeding it was hard work and hot work I wish I had sunscreen on. Then for dinner at like 9 something yep dinner is late and not as big as at home lunch is the biggy which is at like 2 or 3. Anyway it was at a member’s house who we visit a lot. They try to talk to me a bunch and she feed us hot cakes (AKA pan cakes). They were very good.

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