Week of Sept 21-27

We did language study which was the first time since I’ve been here. Although I count the whole day as language study really! Anyway we did 30 minutes where I taught him English and 30 mins where he taught me Spanish. He has trouble with some things like saying you, It’s really hard for him and I’m not really sure why but its all good. It must have rained pretty good last night cause in the morning all the streets were pretty flooded in lots of places. And it was still raining a pretty good drizzle not tons but its pretty dry and stuff here so they don't need all that much rain. My comp didn't want to go out because it was bad but I said let’s just go. And I put my rain jacket to use. WE had to walk through this crazy weed field to dodge around the flooded streets and we knocked on this house and the family let us in and said they were interested and wanted us to come back so it was good that we came out. Later on a family had us over for dinner they had that Mole sauce stuff I like when we were playa. Lots of door contacting but no one accepted most of them are catholic and don’t care or they just think all religion is the same so why even care. It’s pretty annoying but people have their agency.

District meeting all in Spanish. I understand parts but whatever I’m just used to not understanding most things said. Also it’s really easy to start day dreaming and not paying attention because it takes a lot of focus to get anything out. Later we went to a member’s house for dinner. There probably 11 year old kid was watching nacho Libre only like 5 minutes in and we couldn't help but watch it was in Spanish but parts were funny my comp loved it though. I feel bad about watching but it was right there. At night we went to a house that was a reference the gut was insane he was just going off on the church. I didn't really get anything except that he’s a big drinker and smoker and the church is dumb and stuff like that. Some people sheesh! We came back and swept out our house man it was dirty.

Today we tried to find a reference that we had received but weren’t able to find the house we searched for like and 1 hour and a half in the hot sun. But we got lots of contacting in. We went to a member’s house and gave their daughter a blessing. She was having some stomach problems and had some exams the next day. After the blessing she said that she felt tons better and during the blessing it seemed like her stomach was moving around to how it was supposed to be crazy how powerful the priesthood is.

Two days ago we ran out of toilet paper and have been using napkins. We definitely need to buy more soon. And then Elder Poot somehow breaks out sink that we wash our hands in after the bathroom so now it’s the hose the drains the water is sitting in a bucket o my comp. Today we got to do splits and this time it was for the whole day. And with all the luck I’m blessed with I happened to get Elder Zenill. My companion got Elder Rodrick. Elder Zenill, he is cool and all, but only speaks Spanish, and the worst part he has some problem with his teeth and the top ones rest directly on top of his bottom so his speech is very slurred and it’s really hard to understand him and he only speaks Spanish. The lord did bless me though and I was able to make out most of what he said so it wasn't too hard. We basically door contacted most of the day and only two people wanted us to come back and they want us to come back on Tuesday which is tomorrow so hopefully they are good. I'm definitely going to need to buy bug spray here because I keep getting bit darn bugs.

I am so happy that we got those non wrinkling shirts. I still haven't had to iron my shirts. Finally my comp and I got back together. His time wasn't very good doing splits as him and Elder Rodrick just didn't get along and fought a bunch. We went to this house of a member and ate and then found they had a tree growing what looked like mini crab apples so me and my companion had a war with them that was fun. At night we got hamburgers they tasted a lot different here good but I like American ones better.

Another baptism today!
My white pants are finally going to get some use. The baptism was at 12 and like the last didn't go exactly 100% smooth. She like 78 and sick or something cause she can't really talk or keep her head up and she always cries. And she is way fragile and in a wheel chair. So right after church my comp says we have to go somewhere for an interview so we get in a taxi and get dropped off in an area where we always go to meet others in our district of zone. The zone leaders showed up. And my comp went with Elder Abbot and I went with elder Kent. Apparently my comp had to go interview some other person then come back for out baptism. While me and Elder Kent went back to my area. He tried to interview Obedlia, the lady who was baptized, but she doesn't talk. So he just asked if she wanted to be baptized and she after a while said si. My comp was late back and the gut he was supposed to interview didn't show up. Two other elders had shown up in case my comp didn't get back in time so now there were six of us. Eventually we got everything straightened out and Elder Romero, an elder in my district, and I baptized her. He held her while I said the prayer. I had to hold her nose and mouth as she went under. She came up crying, probably thinking we tried to kill her or something. But she got baptized my second in two weeks. The guy my comp was supposed to interview showed up at the other church so we had to go there right after. At night two elders in our district came to our area Elder Romero and Porter (he looks almost exactly like Mr. Incredible its funny) and we went to a member’s house to eat and watch the Joseph Smith movie. The spirit was way strong. She has a less active daughter and hopefully she shows her the movie she was supposed to watch it with us but didn't show up.

No soccer because of rain. I bought more cereal. Ohhh I love cereal.

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