Week of Sept 27-Oct 4

It was pretty sweet my companion was talking to someone on the phone and he handed me the phone he had been talking to Elder Gollner's companion an elder from my district in the MTC. And somehow elder Gollner figured that his comp was talking to mine so he asked to talk to me. So we got to talk for a while it was nice. He had a lot of the same problems with Spanish as me.

Super tired today because i didn't get to bed on time. Lots of appointments fell through today lots of contacting trying to find someone to teach. Then we went to a house that was a reference. They were an answer to my prayers. It was a family of 3 a really young maybe 1 year old boy. We started with the 2nd lesson and also the word of wisdom. They loved the lesson and had no issues pertaining to the word of wisdom. Then we asked if they would be baptized on the 10th of October and they said yes. Wow Golden investigators or what? There are truly people out there that are ready for the message. This will be my first family that i taught all the way through that i can baptize. I really hope they go to church and stuff.

Today we went to a family the guy had taken lessons from the missionaries before but we didn't have their address. About a week ago we had contacted the wife at the store and had set a date to go back. Again we started with the plan of salvation. Unfortunately they had like a million kids running through the house. But the lesson went great. She said the closing prayer she started crying man the spirit was so strong. Wow! We are really being blessed to have two awesome families in a row. Then we visited a member family, well the mom is. I think the dad is dead or they are divorced. She has her daughter of 22 living with her. We watched the Joseph Smith movie at their house. Anyway the daughter is more or less inactive so we were talking to her and told her she needed to come back to church and shared some scriptures with her.

Today I was privileged to eat the most disgusting food I have had here. It was like a bunch of sick cheap meat like hot dogs and other parts of meat thrown together and put in a tortilla. Not my idea of a gourmet meal but they all seemed to love it. I really wanted to finish the Book of Mormon today but didn't. I'm like 13 pages away. And it’s my 3 month anniversary. That’s quite awhile. I wonder how much stuff has changed.

That stuff I ate yesterday really messed me up but I did finish the Book of Mormon. We went on splits today and I got Elder Porter. He's been on a mission for about 6 months 17 weeks of that in the MTC. He’s American. We basically only talked in English which I know probably wasn't all that smart. I got to go to his area and my companion got Elder Romero. We ate at this member’s house in their area and it was carneasadas. We got this soup stuff with beans and cactus. Weird huh! Well it messed both of us up so we went back to their house and hung out there until we felt better. There house is way nice. They have 4 elders so it does need to be bigger but it’s quite a bit bigger and has AC and couches and nice stuff like that. The other two elders in the house are Elder Rodrick and Zenil. All four of us went to a member’s house for dinner. Hamburgers. I ate even though my stomach was still not up to par. The lady was watching the notebook in Spanish. Still a dumb movie! Elder Rodrick, Porter, and me all talked in English…nice very nice. Poor elder Zenil he was lost.

My companion came and picked me up early and we went back to the house. We didn't go to any sessions besides priesthood that’s the only one we had an investigator for. We watched it in Spanish so it was hard for me to get a lot out of it. Also it was way weird because there were some women there. The hymns were sung by MTC missionaries and I recognized like 5 from my zone. sweet. My companion and I got haircuts today for conference tomorrow. The investigator that came was the one from the family with the baptismal date.

Conference was at 11 here because of the time change. Elder Rodrick talked to some people and was able to get the secretary to open his room with a computer and we through got to watch conference in English. I liked Pres. Monson's talk for closing the 1st session on Sunday and the one 70 who talked about how we take the name of Christ every Sunday and how are we using that name. When the savior asks what we did we will want to be able to say nothing you would be ashamed of. Then at night Elder Romero and Porter again came over for dinner. The familia CasteƱada! The lady and daughter who we watched Joseph Smith movie with fed us hot cakes. Man I love those.

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