Week of Oct 4-7

I'm lazy now no working out well not for a while at least. The desire is gone for some reason. My comp doesn't work out and it’s always so early and I don’t know. So I realized that we had forgotten to pick up our clothes from the members house. We had just hung up the clothes last week expecting to be back in a few hours to pick them up. But we forgot. Lucky I have extra clothing but it was still funny. We have distinct meeting today instead of Wednesday because tomorrow we have interviews with the pres. I got to eat a bunch of beans today. Uhg! We went back to do service for the one sister that we went to weeks ago. More weeds had grown where we had already worked at. It seems pretty worthless to do anything if she is going to upkeep it. And she’s not too old and has so kids that could help but we helped anyway because that’s how missionaries roll. Finally we got our clothes at like 8 pm.

Interviews today, my first one it went well of course. Tonight we finished our service finally. The family that has a baptismal date weren't home even though we had set up a appointment. That sucked because they won't be able to be baptized this Sunday as we won't be able to teach them all the lessons.

So again we had something to do in the morning making it impossible for the 3rd day in a row to have companion or language study. But it was for a good reason. I needed to go to the Torreon central place to sign some papers and get my thumb prints done so that i would be totally legal here. The cool part is that Elder Gollner was there too so we got to go together. It was nice to catch up with one of the Elders from my district in the MTC. Although he told me some bad news. Elder Wahl, the one that was temporarily transferred into our district in the MTC had to go home. One day he just woke up and his knee was swelling up like a beast. They say he should be back in like a month or even up to 4 months. When my Companion and I got back to our area I saw an ice cream place and I was like Yo Quiero helado. (I want ice cream). It was very nice and tasted well basically the same as it does in the states. We visited a reference--it was a 15 year old girl. Her mom didn't want to listen so we had to teach her on the door step. We gave her a Book of Mormon and restoration pamphlet for her to read and pray about.

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