Week of Oct 12-18

My companion had some leadership training thing to go to today. So Elder Davhila an elder in our zone came over for splits. I was feeling worse today so they let me sleep until like 2. Then me and him went out and ate at a member’s then visited some investigators and such. Then at like 4 we went to meet back up with our comps. My comp and I went to some technology place for a second he wanted to see if he had enough to buy an iPod touch which he will do sometime. Then we went back to the centenario house. That has Elder Porter and Romero not Zenil or Rodrick anymore because they were transferred. We went and talked to some of our investigators and then slept at the centanario house. Also my companion heard my package got here finally so I’ll get it sometime

I woke up on time somehow today. Again my companion and Elder Davhail's had the leadership meeting to go to. They have a way sweet house its way big and has a top floor with a washing machine and stuff. Punks! We went out and taught some lessons one to one of their recent converts. We got back together with our comps. A bunch of our scheduled lessons fell through so that sucked but we got to talk to one of our good investigators. Unfortunately his wife wasn’t there but we taught him.

We went to one of our recent converts, Hermano Hector. He wasn't there, but his wife who is not a member and really never cared to listen before, was like he's not here but I am. That was way cool she is really starting to get interested we taught about temples and she had questions about baptisms for the dead and such. It was a really good experience.

We had district meeting today because we hadn't been able to have it in the normal day. WE have probably half the elders we used to and the other half are all new. I finally got my package today. Our district now has four elders. They had to close the area where Elder Rodrick and Zenil worked and give it to Porter and Romero. We went to Hermano Hectors again and he was there and we taught his wife again a little more clarifying on the baptisms for the dead and then about eternal families. Then we put a baptismal date for the 31st of October she was a little weary but she accepted. That was great. WE got to sleep in centanario again because we have some meeting tomorow with a member of the Seventy in Torreon. It’s cheaper for the taxi with 4 of us.

WE had to leave at 7:30 for the meeting. It was super cool because I got to see Elder Lunt, my companion in the MTC, and Elders Gollner and Ogden. It was way sweet to be able to catch up with all of them Elder Gollner, Lunt, and I got to sit by each other during the meeting to it was sweet. The member of the 70 was cool. I can't remember his name though. At night the 4 of us elders (Porter, Romero, my comp and I) went to go buy the meat for Monday. We all paid my comp 80 pesos as he's going to make us carneasadas. We got a whole bunch of ingredients and stuff. I might be transferred tomorrow. Lame!

The whole house woke up late we were so tired. I got up the earliest like 9 and I just studied the plan of salvation in English then Spanish. Then Elder Romero at like 10:45 and he started teaching me a bunch of Spanish words like how to say neck, fingernails, wrist, lips, and walls. I got the news that I didn't have to leave. Yay! We went back to our house and my comp started making the marinade for the meat and all that. We then heard that my comp and I were going to move into the centenario house. That’s super lame now we have to walk way far just to get to our area and move all of our stuff. Basically it’s just not cool.

We finally had the carnasades today. They were so good.
Love you all

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