Week of Oct 19-25

We worked extremely hard today tons of contacting. I’m not really a big fan of especially when people don't accept the message. But we also got a few good lessons in too. For some reason are real houses electricity is no longer working. WE think someone is stealing it. We then went to hermano hector's house, a recent convert we taught the first lesson to, for his non member wife that was really cool. She seems to be progressing well.

District meeting today. We got there a bit late because we walked but not a big deal. After that I took out about 200 pesos to buy dinner for everyone. We visited Hermana Chuya the owner of the little store. She has bought a entire box of (MamutsMamoths). She knows I love them and when we weren't sure if I was going to be transferred or not she bought them as a going away present she is so cool. I told her to keep them until I was really leaving. In the night with the money I bought pizza for everyone that was cool. Thanks dad.

So we went to Claudia's house for our food appointment. She is the lady with two guys that speak English. Anyway she had forgotten that we were even coming but she did whip up a quick meal that was ok. I talked to the younger brother weecho for a long time it was sweet. We invited him to church and he said that he would go as he really wants to get back in. Then we went to this little outside place that has a lady who sells snow cones she usually gives us free ones. Anyway she and a few of her friends were wondering about the church so we taught them all it was awesome. And for some reason I’m coughing a bunch. I’m glad I have cough drops.

Well last night was horrible I kept coughing so much it was hard to sleep. We went to a family that is inactive the daughter will soon turn 8 and we want them to start attending so she can be baptized. She says yes that her daughter can be so that was cool. Again we taught hermano Hector and his wife. It was a really good discussion.

Again tons of coughing I just have way bad luck here. Then we went out and knocked doors and contacted like beasts for 3 hours. Then we had our sita for comida and she had these peppers they were extremely small and my companion was like I don't know these kinds of peppers we don't have them in the south. He was like I’ll give you 10 pesos if you try it. So I was like well then you too. He was like 10 pesos for me to then. So he eats one and it doesn't affect him at all. I eat one and right as I do hermana walks in and is like “o no those are really hot.” And dang did I die. For like ten minutes my mouth was on fire. My eyes were watering and I was downing water like no other. Not the smartest plan I’ve ever had. We went to a store after and I got more cereal also they fixed our electricity not that it matters all that much since we don't live there. Still coughing I wish I knew what was wrong.

Today waking up was way horrible I felt way sick again. We went to church and unfortunately none of our investigators showed up not one. And i felt extremely horrible. After church we went back to our real house in Chapala and I took ibuprofen and a nap. I had an hour of sleep. I felt a lot better after that. Our dinner was really good some kind of pork and French fries. A lot of people here make their own French fries. At night we went to a member’s house and gave three blessing. The lady had two sick daughters and she got a blessing of strength. I got to anoint the oil my companion had to tell me what to say though.

P day today and we all went to play soccer. I didn't bring a change of clothes because I didn't feel good enough to play but somehow they convinced me to play. Not really the best idea. I basically just did defense and goalie and actually I stopped a few goals. Also Elder Romero is sick. Fun times right?

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