Week of 10-26--11-1

Sunday we went out and tried to contact refrences but of course they weren't there. So we knocked a bunch of doors. We did get to contact one really cool lady. She let us in and we taught her the 1st lesson and set up a return appointment. Really the entire day consited of trying to find refrences and not succeding so just contacting as much as we could and teaching the everonce and a while lesson. needless to say a very tyring day. Sunday evening we knocked more doors. We found another cool lady and got a return appointment. We went to the church to talk to members to hopefully get some refrencences---no luck. My Companion told them my chilli pepper story and one of the ladies freaked out at him telling him how he needs to be a better person and how as a represenitive of this church he is not being a good example. Tt was kinda funny. We bought some tamales and they were good thats my first time every having them.

I really needed to wash my clothes seeing as how we hadn't been able to wash them on monday so I got to wash them on the washboard out back. That was a diffrent expierience for sure. We weren't able to do much today because it was some lame catholic holiday and no one would listen to us. So we went to Chuya's and she noticed that my name tag was missing. I had no clue where it was but it certainly sucked. I was like maybe it fell off in my bed when i took that nap but my comp was certain he had seen it on me since that point but we checked anyway and there it was thank goodness.

We went out again and contacted for a while. We tried to go and teach one of our contacts from a few days back that seemed really promising but of course she wasn't there. We have had really bad luck as of late. Again like most of this week we contacted like beasts. We went to this one house where we got to teach this really pretty girl. And the whole time I would talk she would like stare at me. She even asked me to teach part in English because she liked my accent. Wierd huh. Anyway she understood more or less which was cool. We visited Hno. Hector again and taught the first lesson---unfortunantly we think we are losing his wife because she isn't really progressing which sucks.

We taught Dennis (young girl)the second lesson this time. She is really smart and was able to remember tons of stuff from our last lesson and answered like all of our questions. She is the one whose mom is non active although the girls grandma is. So we really want her prepared for baptism. When my companion gave her the phamplet she got the most excited look on her face like she just got a super cool christmas present. Same when we gave her her own Book of Mormon. I have never seen someone react that way but hey whatever. After we went to go to our lunch sita and it was with the bishops wife today again but she had forgotten. so we went to Chuya's and I got a chicken sandwhich. yum O! Oh and the bishop said he'd cover all expenses. yes! Today I bought my companions ipod nano (4gigs) for like $80 (850 pesos). Good deal---especially since it has some music already.
And now....4 months in the Mission!

Today is Halloween and it was pretty lame. We contacted a little but it was kinda a dead day. Because there was some partying and tons of freaking drunk people. Not alot of people participated but we really couldn't contact cause like I said earliier they were are drunk haha. So we visited Hno. Hector and he gave us goriditas.

Please say thanks to The Andersen's who sent me a message which I just got. Tell them that they can email me which is the only really way I can communicate because mail takes like a month both ways.

That's about it
Love you
Elder Bickmore

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