Week of 11-1-11-8

Today was the day of death. By any graveyards there were a bunch of shops setup and people everywhere--- it was crazy. This, of course, hindered our contacting because no one was home and no one in the street wanted to be contacted. Really though it was a disappointing day for me because we didn't really get to do anything with the festivities and also in our area there are no graveyards so really the only time a saw anything was at the very beginning.

I got picked to give a spiritual…lucky me. I got the whole hymn to prepare. Luckily it’s just a short thought from preach my gospel and I think I did pretty well. After we went to sams club and my companion bought a new iPod.
My companions molar was hurting him. This continued as we contacted and went to our food sita. Finally he called Hermana Clark (Mission Pres wife) and a dentist, who is a member of the church, to set up an appointment to get his molar, looked at. We have to go to Torreon to the dentist. Apparently his dentist in Cancun hadn't cleaned one of his teeth of a cavity very well and the crown broke off. This dentist cleaned it off and put some paste on his teeth as a temporary fix until he goes back to Cancun. After that we went to buy the medicine he had to get and Elder Porter and I fought…well he destroyed me, using his Jujitsu, which I am trying to learn.

Today was certainly a very crappy day, all in all. The bishop had asked my companion and I to clean out the baptismal font for a little girl who is getting baptized. So of course we said yes. When we get there, for some reason, there was already like a foot of dirty water in the font and the pump wasn't working, which meant we got to use buckets to empty the font. This took forever. We mopped and cleaned it up and then we had to wait for the bishop to get there. We had called him about 30 minutes earlier because we couldn't open the doors to turn the water on. Finally he arrived and we got the water started. At this point we were late for our lunch so we hurried over there. We were there for about an hour so we headed back to the church around 4:15, and the baptism was at 5. Usually the water takes about and 1 and a half hrs to 2 hours to fill. We get to the church and I just see all this water pouring out the doors of the church. So this whole thing was just totally messed up and water was everywhere. Luckily, unlike churches in the states, the church has no carpet, only tile, but still it sucked. We go to see if any members have like a squeegee kind of thing so we can get the water out. Finally we get one after like 10 minutes. So now it’s like 30 minutes until the baptismal stuff starts. Of course before we are done people start arriving. Some drains at the church had clogged and so we, along with the ward clerk, went to clean those out (using buckets again). The bishop arrives and unlocks his room which filled with water and soaked a bunch of his manuals along with the secretary room. Lucky while we are still draining the other things some of the people helped and cleaned up the other rooms. Finally the stuff is all ready and of course the water, which we tried to make sure was hot, was freezing….poor little girl ARG! But in the end she was baptized and we got some cake and flan. And the lame mouse in our house was killed by Elder Romero yes.

Fasting was horrible. Somehow I forgot a belt and my comp and I didn't have time to get our suits. Anyway Hermana Rosa went to church yes! I bore my testimony and Gerardo received the priesthood. We had to food sitas today. The first was at like 1 pm and we got to eat Menudo, which is cow's stomach. It really was pretty good, a bit slimy though. Then we went to our other one which wasn't really all that good so I was glad we ate before. Later we go to a member’s house who invited us to go to his bakery and grab as much pan dulce, which I love, for free.

Pday today and we went into Torreon. We all ordered these jerseys with a custom design and our names and a number we wanted on it. They cost quite a bit but will be worth it.

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