Week of 11/9—11/15

So this morning we moved out and back to our house in Chapala. It’s a bit sad I’ll miss talking with Elder Porter and having 4 missionaries is more fun but this will be better for working because less time wasted with travel. After that we washed our clothes because we couldn't yesterday and really needed to. My companions molar were hurting him again and he was able to move it so we went back to Torreon. On the bus there in Torreon we heard some shooting but didn't get to see anything. He actually got the tooth removed. After we visited some less actives that we hadn't visited in some time. Re-activating is difficult.
Crappy night! I woke up at like at 3 am and could not go back to sleep. Also it’s getting pretty dang cold at night. We had splits with the Zone leaders today. I'm personally not a fan of splits. I got Elder Franco, who is cool, but I really don't know that well. My comp got Elder Kent who is way cool and is almost finished with his mission on the 21st of this month. We taught some families and had a way crappy lunch. Luckily at night this hermana made us really good hamburgers. After that we got back together with our comps and my comp told me that Hermana Rosa, the wife of a recent convert, changed her mind and doesn't really want to get baptized.

Last night I wore a sweater to help keep myself warm. But still was cold and didn't have the greatest night ever. We tried to contact people but with no success. We had no lunch sita so we bought bbq'ed chicken I wish I had some A1 with me. At night we had a family home evening with Gerardo to teach him again and we had members come. I'm not sure how he will do them since his wife is gone and he doesn't see his kids to often. At night my comp was studying the little pamphlet called los visitants. Its anit-mormon and he’s trying to get all the scriptures he can to prove it wrong it’s really full of crap.

Tonight I wore jeans, socks, and my sweater to bed. My comp says he heard gunshots but being the deep sleeper I am I heard nothing. Lots of drunks out so contacting wasn’t going good so we stopped and went back early to deep cleaned our house. My comp flooded it with the sink he finally fixed. And we swept and squeegeed and all that good stuff. It took a while but it looks so much nicer.

At least hermana Rosa went to church again…her second visit. We ate at a Hermana's house who liked to cook and she made us this ok soup with French bread. We thought that was it so we ate a lot of bread, but no, she also had spaghetti with meatballs. Then we got cake…I was full.
During Pday we played soccer at some field that had fake grass. We played with these other people, a lot younger than us, but super good and they kicked our butts….but it was fun still.

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