Week of 11/16—11/22

District Meeting and for some reason Pres. Clark was there. So of course the Zone leaders show up late for like the first time. And Elder Kent, one of the zone leaders had a plane tie on, cause he is about to die (finish his mission) so of course pres. Clark is like what is this. We had set up a thing with the members of the Elders Quorum to have some of them go out with us to visit less actives. 5 showed but it was still a good experience and something I hope they continue.

We had some citas(appointments) finally. Also they were right during our planning for the week time but this was more important. The first was with a 17 year old girl who we had contacted a few days before. We taught the whole first lesson right at the doorstep. And then gave her a Book of Mormon. She also accepted the challenge to go to church and to get baptized if she received the answer to her prayers.
This morning while studying a guy on a bike with some tools knocked our door and asked if we would pay him clear out all of our weeds in the front and make our tree look nice for 120 pesos we accepted. Again since we didn't have any citas we went out and knocked doors and contacted like mad. This is not effective but members here are lazy and do not like to work with us. After we went to Hermano Hectors they gave us hot chocolate although it’s not really that cold outside. We also at dinner there, which consisted of beans, scrambled eggs, and some meat…and I ate all of it. We taught them the Word of wisdom and the Sabbath day is a day of rest.

All of our citas fell through so we went to the stake center as our Zone had won the Zapato de oro (gold shoe) that means our Zone had the most Baptisms and all of the key indicator stuff like: contacts, lessons, etc. The whole Zone came lots of people, and Pres and Hermana Clark. We got a pizza per companionship and then brownies. Pictures and stuff since changes are coming up. And poor Elder Kent…he is supposed to be going home but had some problem with his visa which makes no sense since he's American. Anyway he is stuck here for a bit longer. We left the zone conf and when we got about 5 minutes away all the sudden a bunch of police motorcycles started passing. Some of them had Uzis. Then the jeeps with guys and machine guns ready to shoot. Like over 20 motorcycles and about 10 jeeps…we never did figure out why. After we washed clothes preparing for the chance that with changes the opportunity will not present itself again. A lesson with Hector and his wife she says she wants to be baptized in December so a bunch of baptisms will happen and I’ll probably be gone. Lame!

After church today we took pictures of people to remember them. We visited members to say bye still not knowing who was going. Picked up our clothes then learned I was leaving. We went to wicho's house, the past gangster English speaker, who had actually gone to church-- which was way cool and I got pictures with him. He had his shirt off to show all of his tattoos off.

Moving today. My 1st move. Packing UGH…
I am now in The Zone Torreon Jardin. Not sure my areas exact name or comps as they are both weird. Our house is a bit bigger, although has cement floor. My comp also is able to speak some English. And I’m in the zone with Lunt and Ogden. I'll send pictures next week.

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