11-23 thru 11-29

Our shower has no hot water which is horrible. It’s so cold! We contacted a whole bunch and more people were home here than when I would contact in Chapala (my 1st area). My new area is called Lazaro Cardanes. We taught some pretty good lessons and then visited a recent convert who lived in a way small home, and her life was full of problems, but she was really cool and even fed us. When we were leaving this one house at night like 30 kids surrounded us and how to surround us and ask me how to say all these words in English.

Today we got permission to go to another area to confirm someone that use to be in our area. I have never seen such a poor house before. The lady lived there, with her husband and 3 little girls in a house smaller then my room. The walls were made of wood and cardboard, the floors were dirt.

We taught a way cool lesson to a catholic. He really liked our pamphlet and lesson, and wants to know more. It’s getting colder--today everyone dressed in huge coats and I just had my short sleeve on. They thought I was crazy.

Tonight was the fun. We did something called a casa albierta (open house basically). Most of the elders from our zone came and set up little posters of the first lesson. We would then contact people walking by and ask if they would like to learn more. If so, we would teach a lesson. During this time my district leader had the idea for me Elder Ogden (Elder from my MTC district) and Elder Butterfield to sing Christmas songs from the hymn book and he would invite them to learn more. We sang a bunch---lucky Elder Butterfield is good. It couldn't have sounded that bad since Mexicans have horrible voices anyway. After the singing was over some kid let us pick up his iguana---that was cool.

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