11-30 thru 12-6

Really cold in the mornings and now at night. I wore my jacket, not really meant for cold, more wind and rain so I was a bit cold during the day. Contacted tons again today as we have no references. No money today, which we really need. I ran out a few days ago (after lending some to my new comp and to an Elder from my old district). The spirited directed us to a good house today. We were knocking doors and we were about to leave and go back down the hill and did not see these two small houses off to the side. But for some reason, as we started down, I looked over and saw them. We went and knocked on both doors—no answers. But as we were coming back a lady that lived at one of the houses got back and we had a great lesson with her and she wants us back.

Taught a few good lessons this morning and then at night we had a meeting with the young men in our Branch. We met at their leader’s house to plan to visit the less active or inactive young men, to get them back to church. We went to teach a lesson and Arturo, one of the young men, came with us. We also went to a ladies house for service night---scraping the paint from her wall so we could paint it another day. After we got Gorditas, with beans and tea.

We went out with three young men to go try to reactivate some young men again, since in the Branch there are only 4. We didn’t find any but taught one good lesson with an inactive lady. She also gave us tea.

I brought out a book for studying Spanish that I got in the MTC. It is more intense and in-depth then the others. More tea! What the heck is with tea here---sheesh. We brought out another member to work with us but the lesson fell through.

I got the PACKAGE! Thanks mom and dad. My comp really likes kit kats now so I hide them. Today at 7 was the soccer finals between Santos and Monteray. The Santos team is from Torreon so everyone was watching it so we went to visit someone and they weren’t home so we decided, at random, to visit a family we haven't ever visited. And it was really good that we did because the guy has tuberculosis and he can't leave his house often. We are now going to set up a way for him to get the sacrament at his home. After we visited an inactive family. Their son, probably close to 20, has depression so we tried to cheer him up and told him to read the Book of Mormon and go to church at that it will help. Then they gave us hot chocolate and pan dulce.

P-day today—time to wash our clothes. We went into downtown Torreon with Arturo, the young men’s leader, to see the statue of Christ. The hike was actually pretty hard but worth it. We took some pictures, looked around the Catholic Church, which was pretty big and interesting. When we were ready to leave luckily we got a ride in the back of a truck that sells gas for houses. They brought us down which was fun.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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