After the district meeting we played mafia with the zone, a bit weird in Spanish, but still a fun game. We had a really good lesson with our investigator, Teresa, today she really like the information that we have to give. We think that we will baptize her. So as we were walking to go to teach another lesson I got hit with the grumbles in the stomach and the need to release something really bad. And of course that’s right when we see a lady that needs help pushing two people in a wheel chair. We finally get to the appointment and I have to ask to use the bathroom quickly, and rush to the bathroom. A little awkward but was necessary.

We had a really powerful discussion with Jose and Luis, two brothers. It was all focused on baptism. They still look iffy about the choice though. After we went to finish sandpapering the ladies wall we had started the week before. After we were done she gave us really hot gorditas (Jalapenos ahhh), and of course tea.

Friday the 10 today and we had Zone Conference and Christmas party. We had to leave at 8:30 to get to the conf. on time but for some reason the conf. wasn't where it normally takes place, and we weren't told anything different.
The Zone conference part was forever long. First Pres. Clark spoke, and then his wife, then zone leaders from the two zones present. We would go in groups of three and practice what we had learned and then come back for more. The whole thing was focused on how to start a lesson and putting baptismal dates, oh and the needs of the person. Finally at like 2:30 we got to do the Christmas part. I got to talk to all the elders from my generation (generation means they have been out the same amount of time as me), which was fun. Then the dinner which really wasn't all that good, although the cake after was good. At my table we had a new elder, who had been in Mexico only 1 week. He was talking to Elder Lunt and I. I still suck at Spanish but has come a long way. Then we got to do our songs as a zone we had two songs. Drummer Boy in Spanish, of course, then Los Peces en el Rio, which we don’t have in English. We had these funny Christmas like paper mache things. After we got stockings with socks and some candy. The pres talked again and I got to then give the final prayer. After we went to a fauka, which is just a bunch of people with stands with clothes or food etc. We contacted about 80 people.

After lunch today we did divisions (splits) with a guy and a young man in our ward. My comp and the young man went to the appointments that we had, while Hermano Pedro and I went and knocked doors. We had one really good lesson and the guy wanted us back. Some dances started around the area because tomorrow is the holiday for the virgin.

Sunday today and I gave my first talk in Spanish. It was a bit short but overall I think well done. It was on the atonement. Then we went to talk with the guy I had contacted with Hermano Pedro. Great lesson and he even cried at the end. We think he is golden.

Pday today and played soccer. Afterward we went to the mall in Torreon with some other elders. We did the crazy ball thing and ate and talked then got back late and had to go to some appointments with a guy from our ward. Of course all of the citas fell through but we did visit a recent convert.

We tried a new way to shower today because our boiler is still broken and our land lord won’t fix it. So we filled a bucket halfway with water then heated up water on our stove. Then showered by pouring the water on myself with a bowl. Not effective--- it was worse. We had a good lesson with Teresa and investigator which ended up being a really long. She asks so many questions, which is really good though. She told us she was going to stop having the Jehovah’s Witnesses over, they were just confusing and told her things like Christmas and b-day’s are bad. And like the star of Bethlehem was really put there by the devil to lead the bad guys to kill Jesus. Crazy stuff!

Taught a lesson to Teresa again. We contacted some Testigo's (Jehovah's witnesses). They told us up front that they just wouldn't change and that they didn't want to listen. Then gave us a pamphlet on how the bible is all we need basically.

Worked really hard today. We found one lady who was really interested in our message but she is going to California soon and not returning until February. One of our investigators, Darcy, was married today. Now we can baptize her. She's only 16!

In the Morning we met up with Elder Can and Butterfield. Elder Can has to do the baptismal interview for Darcy. We had a lesson with Daniel; an investigator from a while back, who we thought was golden. We had a good lesson with him so hopefully he shows up at church tomorrow.

Church today but before that we went on splits to pick up the various investigators that we had, although a few bailed on us. We did get Hermano Enos, kind of an investigator, and Teresa, who also brought her 15 year old son. They both really seemed to like the church and her son made friends really quick. We are sure we will baptize her Jan. 2, the last day of the change. Then we had a baptism of Darcy. The Branch President baptized her. Everything went well surprisingly. Later in the night we had a Christmas thing in the stake. Teresa came and brought her youngest kid, he's like 3, and can talk a lot. It’s pretty funny. It was decent. When we were returning we talked to a guy from La Luz del Mundo, the light of the world, a church that is way too much like ours. They believe that there church was restored to an apostle, and that he received the priesthood. I heard it was started by an ex Mormon not sure if that’s true ---but it would explain a lot.

Love you all
Elder Keefin Bickmore

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