Teresa had some problems with some things but hopefully they all get cleared up without to many problems. We taught two girls, 13 and 17. They really didn't seem to care that much for the message. Then we went to a house and knocked just as a door contact and the lady said come in come in. So we went in not knowing what to expect. Well its ends up being the wife of Luis one of our investigators well now we found his wife and had a really good talk with her and she says she would really like to be taught and go to church and all that good stuff which is awesome. Hopefully this helps her husband progress better. Later we taught these two teenagers and they liked the message. We set another day to visit. Also I'm not sure how but the guy asked me if I was from Basil.

Again a long discussion with Teresa and she told us now that she knows the church is true and also has a testimony of Jose Smith--- sweet. She accepted the invitation to be baptized Sunday. Then we helped a family paint the outside of there house I think we finish it next Tuesday. Taught the girl that has the boyfriend. Her name is Viri and she accepted the invitation to go to church.

The day of Christmas here (they celebrate on the 24th). We contacted hardcore in the morning and a few people listened. Then food and we went and sang hims to our best investigators. We spent Christmas and some members home and my comp did the whole talking to his family thing. We had a big dinner and cake----yummy and extremely full. They gave us gloves for Christmas. I also figured out that my camera was stolen from my backpack and the store when we were shopping.

We had the interview with Teresa and taught here about prophets. We contacted some guy who had lived in the US for 6 years, and he talked about how our church was really bad....like Joseph Smith was bad and just a bunch of stuff like that---Joseph had a mansion in SLC and stuff. I then got to call my family.. that was great.

Sunday we woke up to a message from Teresa saying she had problems with her husband and that she couldn't get baptized, or talk to us anymore. So of course we went to talk to them. The husband had thought that during the interview, Elder Juan Can—the interviewer, had done bad stuff with her and there was a lot of confusion. But we cleared it up and basically the whole family went to church. That night was a huge baptism. Any of the missionaries in our zone that had baptisms set up met a the church and had a big baptism----there was 8 baptisms. I had a headache and cough so my comp did the actual baptism of Teresa but nonetheless awesome. Basically super awesome day. Teresa will be great.

Love you all so much Adios

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