We had district meeting today so I took us to the bus stop but forgot which bus to take. So we ended up having to take a taxi. Haha--- great first impression! We found basically everything else perfectly fine. We worked really hard today.

Contacting and teaching like crazy today. Working really hard to find people. We even had a Jehovah’s Witness invite us in, just to throw a bunch of scriptures at us and basically just to make us think about the error of our ways. But he did have a hot daughter so it wasn't too horrible. At 7:30 we had a meeting with the leaders of our branch to plan. We have family home evening now every other Thursday and we are in charge of the first one of every month.

Well every single appointment we had fell through, which sucked. Lots of contacting and few lessons. We had one guy listen and maybe he will progress. Crappy day all in all. Except in the end we taught a husband and wife and they seemed very receptive.

Again many of our appointments fell through. But we had a pretty good lesson with the daughter of Hermana Teresa Ezmeralda. We taught the family from yesterday this time with two of their kids. One is 13 and her name is Flor the other is 15 and his name is Adrian. We had a powerful lesson with them and they said they would go to church. We have the goal to baptize them the 23rd.
The zone was doing a feed my sheep thing, but they didn’t warn us until last night so we couldn't do it cause we have appointments. Although they fell through---of course. Dinner appointment with Hermano Pedro tonight and he came back with us to our apartment and looked at our boiler. We just had to make a 60 peso repair. Hot water finally! And our gay land lord wouldn't even pay for half.
Sunday today and we only had one family go to church out of all our investigators. They seemed to enjoy it, mostly the Hermana. Hopefully they continue to progress. The Hermana signed up for two days to feed us---sweet. We visited them that the night and they fed us. We also taught Dulceh, the girlfriend of David, a member of our branch.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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