Had a lesson with Teresa ---long as usual. After that we taught a schizophrenic. It was crazy! He was wild the whole time he had wild eyes and couldn't keep still.

Our district meeting today was a bit different than normal. Elder Juan Can (DL) and Butterfield had a teenager at the meeting. He was going to be baptized, so we all helped prepare the water and font. Of course at first there were some problems. The water faucet wasn't working so we went to where the water comes from and it had water. It was a well so we got buckets and tied rope to them and lowered the buckets down. As you can guess this wasn't going all that fast. Lucky, a guy showed up and got everything turned on.

6 months today! In the morning it was windy, which I thought was cool, so I jumped on our roof and then jumped to some other houses. My comp came up with me and took some pics of the cool sunrise. Did some service for a family and then went out contacting. We had a few lessons, all really focused on baptism. Elders Hernandez, Lunt, and Polo came to our area as Elder Hernandez used to be in our area and he is leaving so he wanted to say bye to some people.

We were the bautizona (had the most baptisms out of any other zone) again. This is my second time with that happening so we got pizza. Yummy! Then I got two packages, one from the Flowers family and then from the ward. We went to a family for our new years and we, of course, came back before midnight. We then burned my tie and I have been out 6 months. It was a fun night, although I ate a bit too much.

We had a cool Lunch with Hermano Pedro---a really cool member. He gave us chocolate fondue. Today we had an activity with Javier and his wife. They had almost gotten a divorce, so we had a dinner with them and talked with them hoping they will stay together.

No new investigators at church but Hermana Teresa is still strong. Really today was crazy waiting to see if one of us would be transferred or not. We taught these two sisters, one that had been in an accident and was really hard to understand. She slurred a lot of words and didn't finish all her words but the lesson went pretty well. At night we went to a members to get the call to see if someone would get transferred and sadly the news was yes. Elder Navarette is going to be transferred tomorrow----which is sad because we are friends and he's way cool. Only one transfer together.

Finished all his packing---some goodbyes. We went to the mission offices to see where he would go and who our new comps would be. My new comp is Elder Limon. He seems pretty cool. Elder Navarette is now in La Vetanna and no I don’t no where that is. I got to see a lot of people again which was cool. Like Elder Poot, and Ogden Lunt, Gollner, and then Elder Young who I haven’t seen since we got to Mexico.

WEll love you all
Elder Keefin Bickmore

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