One thing I forgot to tell you all. The first Sunday of this year are branch had like no one to teach classes so my comp and I got to teach the primary 2 kids! We played a game we learned from primary as a teacher. Where you hide something and the kids have to say hot and cold so the other can find it. Then we also taught the young men and women.

Today we contacted the whole day almost but didn't teach many lessons—uhg! In the end we did get dinner with a family though.

We had another crappy day. My comp was pretty dead today (that means didn't really want to work)---kind of down because we contact, with almost no one who wants to listen. In the end we went with Hermana Teresa to visit some of her friends who wanted to be taught. We aren't sure if they will want to change ---the hermana didn't really seem to care much for it and the hermanao had some addictions like drinking and smoking and such.

Same kind of day a lot like yesterday. The only thing interesting was that we were in charge of a family home evening with the branch. So we had to prepare small talks like 8 mins each. After, we had Marilyn from the branch plan a game--which was basically gestures. Fun night really! My talk was ok it was on friend shipping the members of the branch.

Well we had interviews this morning. So the whole zone was there at 8:30. I finally got my other Christmas package today. I was the first to be interviewed ---really short and no problems. At the end we all talked for a while, bought some hot chocolate and stuff. At 7:30 we went to do an activity with the young men in the branch. We went out to visit less and non-actives. My comp went with a priest to an appointment we had set up and I went with hermano Pedro. Neither of the people we went to visit was there so we ended up visiting Darcy and Aaron. Darcy was baptized like a month ago. They liked that we visited because they never had even one member visit them. Apparently the appointment we had that my comp went to go to fell through.

Like normal lately appointments fell through today. In the morning had to go to feed my sheep---in Elder Can's area. It was supposed to be for 3 hours but we left early---having stuff to do. Today we basically just focused on anyone that we thought we go to church with us tomorrow. We would remind them and then say we would pick them up at like 8:45. Then we returned home early to work on our talk’s for tomorrow, that we got told we have to give like 1 day ago.

We left by 8 to walk to make sure that our investigators would go. And we got no one at all. When we got to church there was very few people but after sacrament like 20 more people arrived. Including our cool family and a bunch of other new people that members brought like Hermana Teresa. I gave my talk--- it went for like 10 minutes and was decent. After church we talked to our cool family they are ready to be baptized this next Sunday---Yeah!

I bought my new camera today to replace the one that was stolen

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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