We visited lots of inactives and less actives today and taught a few good lessons. We also held FHE with a family that a member had brought. It went well, although there were a lot of people---so a little more noise then I like when we teach. Hopefully they progress.

We worked really hard today. We got lots of contacts and lessons in today. Then Elder Can (DL) and his comp came to our area to interview our family for baptism. I ended up going with Elder Perez to teach a lesson. Everything went well.

This morning I was super tired---like way, way tired. We went to talk to Pilar and her family---the ones we were going to baptize today. She said everything would go well. They fed us like a million tamales. We got to church and couldn't find the family for some reason so left to go to their house. So tired I took a catnap in the taxi. The family was at home---they didn't even have the money to get to the place (30 pesos) and they were to embarrassed to ask us. Well, we finally got there and Adrian, their15 year old, was having some doubts and stuff. He had another interview with Elder Can and decided he wasn't ready for baptism. But we did baptize the parents and the girl Flor. The mom and Flor were really excited after their baptism. Hopefully we baptize Adrian next week. I had a few problems with the baptisms. Flor was the first and nothing went wrong. Then with Pilar, the mom, I had some problems with one of her last names and had to re-do the prayer like twice. Then with the Hermano I didn’t say part of the prayer so had to re-baptize him. But in the end OK, except I forgot a change of underclothes. Well crazy day! Seems like all my baptisms there are problems. Hermana Teresa, the baptism of the 25th, is awesome. She shares the gospel with everyone and is so amazing.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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