We worked really hard today. But didn't really find all the much. Just some crazy guy. We did have a good lesson though with some of the people that had gone to church on sunday.
At your District meeting my comp and I won the best missionaries in the zone this week for all of our baptisms so we got gorditas free from the zone leaders. Then we learned some crappy news. There is no hope to baptize Dulceh because she is---well pregnant---from a member in the church. She is only 15! Then we learned that really Adrian doesn't want to be baptised. Basically we learned that all of our hopes are dashed.

Well today also sucked.... Basically confirmed that Adrian doesnt want to be baptized and we have no idea why.

Our money came today so we got some needed food. We were walking past a house we had contacted like 3 times and no one had wanted anything but for some reason this time these two women wanted to hear our message, which was cool. Then some drunk guy talked to us and we'd try to leave and he'd stop us---crazy guy.

Well no one came not even our baptisms to get confirmed. Later we learned it was because the Hermana has some problem every once in a while she can't even walk. So they couldn't come. But man it really killed me to see this happen because we worked hard but got nothing. Well we just have to keep it up.

love you all

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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