We worked well today. We got like 70 contacts. And a few good lessons in. We taught one of our new investigators today and the lesson went really well. I think that she will progress. Although we could have a problem with her husband in the future, as he is a Jehovah's Witness.

District meeting today with lots of goals ideas and how we can achieve them. Well my comp and I had a pretty big fight. I was really pissed. But Elder Juan Can, our district leader, talked to us and got it all better. We then, after prayer and some thinking, apologized.
Wow! Really cold day and it really it sucked. Colder than 32 F at times. And of course we have to be walking in the streets, always all day. I had on my sweater and a rain jacket, which worked decently. And the houses here don’t have heating so they don't feel all that good, especially ours---its freezing. Although some people do have little heaters although their electric bill is large. We got a few contacts in and lessons but most people didn't leave there houses, like I said cold. We visited our baptized family. Man even colder up where they live. We are really trying to work with them so they go to church and get confirmed.

Still cold, not as bad, but not much better. And our house is like fridge. Well Elder Juan Can called us to see if we would take the baptismal clothes so we have to Wal-Mart and he would meet us there. He has a baptism soon. We started walking and it was cold so we took a taxi. We had to wait like 10 minutes and he didn’t show. We called him a bunch but no answer. Well he forgot somehow and when he remembered he called we had already left. We contacted in a really poor area and meet some inactives that should attend church in 2 weeks. They also have a daughter that wasn’t baptized. Talked to Irma, one of our new investigators. She said she would go with her fam. Then we went and bought charcoal so we could heat up our house. Took us like 45 minutes to light it. We put the charcoal in our room and at like 11 something. Our little gas detector went off and was like hey this is really bad. Wow crazy we could have died.

Still, cold but starting to heat up which is nice. WE found some more inactives. They said they would go to church. Taught a Christian guy and the lesson actually went well. We had to leave a bunch of windows open because our house---stinks. Pretty crappy day! Freezing the whole night! Forgot to close the window---haha---but it doesn’t smell like smoke anymore.

Picked up 2 people one is inactive the other is not a member. The son of Teresa was there two but our family for confirmation was not even though they said they would. My comp taught the teenagers about parables. At night we made pie with Hermano Pedro and his wife. Yummy!

Fun day! We went to some park and played around on these things like bikes. Well more like go-karts but we had to peddle. Three people could fit---two could peddle. My comp and I went with Elder Perez. We raced and got way tired, we’d hit people off with these things--it was fun. Then we ate at pampas which is exactly like Tucanos--expensive but really tasty.

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