We worked hard today lots of contacts and lessons. Found some new people that could progress. Had a meeting with the branch president basically about ways that the branch could help the missionaries although I don’t think much will happen the people are lazy. We got a call from Elder Juan Can that we had to be at our house by 9, without exception, because there was a curfew set. This is because the drug trafficking was getting bad and more dangerous. Kind of cool no?
District meeting today. The whole thing was on obedience and studying with your comp. We visited like a 87 year old she is sick so can’t go to church anymore. We talked to the family we baptized again and they tried to lie about why they didn’t go but they suck at lying.. We are teaching some people that are progressing very well and that we have high hopes for.

I have really been studying better then I have ever done before. My comp still bashes me a lot but I really do learn a lot from him. Really the day didn't go well lots of our appointments fell through and we got to teach few lessons. We were in charge of the family home evening for the branch. I taught on the importance of reading the scriptures and it went well, I think. My comp got a call from Pres. Clark and has a meeting with him tomorrow at 9 am at our church--- we don’t know why.
Well my comp had his interview today. The pres was really angry about what was going on in the mission, with all of the disobedience and stuff. My comp had some info about other elders that the pres wanted. Luckily nothing bad about my comp. I gave my first blessing today to a member in the branch I was a bit nervous. Again ate with hermana Pedro. I wish he wouldn't invite us everyday--- he's cool but it’s a little annoying.

We found a really cool lady to teach today, and my comp said that I taught really well and it was my best yet! Elder Juan Can needed some baptismal clothes and he wanted to meet him at Alsupers, a store. As we were going home to pick up the clothes a Jehovah’s Witness lady invited us to listen--just to 15 minutes of a talk by one of their members and she invited us in such a way that we couldn’t' say no so we went in. It was interesting. Lots more people, especially girls, haha. It was really cool but who can tell them that they are lacking the priesthood and the revelation that we have. My second blessing today--- a baby. Later we went home to work on our talks mine had to be on the Sabbath day and my comps on fasting.
Woke up early to finish my talk. We didn't have anyone at church again---what crap. I gave my best talk as of yet. Lots of people commented that I have matured a lot since I first arrived and that my Spanish is a lot better. Also I passed the sacrament for my first time on the mission. While we were eating we heard some shootings about 5 minutes from our house walking. It was cool but one Sister got scared because one of her sons was outside and she was really nervous for him. Later we went to say bye Marilyn and ate cake. Then with Hermano Javier and his wife, Hamburgers and more cake and finally with Pedro---more food wow I’m full. We got home around 11:30 and the call came--- I have changes noooo , I’m not ready to leave dang it. Guess I have to pack
Woke up and finished packing. Said bye to Teresa. She gave me towels as presents. Said bye to a few more people. My new area is where Elder Lunt just left. It’s in the same zone and is called Matamoros and my new comp is Elder Marin. He seems pretty cool but I don’t know yet. It took us forever to get to our area as the hermano's cars battery died and we had to wait a few hours…. and it was hot. Well my area is huge which sucks. It’ll take some time to get to know it…not to excited for that. Really didn't want changes but whatever.

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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