Showered using a bucket, because as my luck dictates, I don’t have a working boiler. I'm still way lost here. We taught a deaf girl named Norm and had to use what little signs we knew, and write lots. We also had her read a lot. Very interesting! And man it was super hot today. I’m going to die cause it’s just going to get worse.

Well my night sucked. My companion snored like a bear ---I’m serious. Basically I got very little sleep. My new district consists of 6 missionaries. Elder Ogden (from MTC) is in my dist. Man, at like all of our lunches and lessons, I have to start and keep the conversations going because my comp doesn't. We contacted for a while and taught a lady that has the ability to progress. We then taught the deaf girl again. I don’t think she will progress because her parents won’t let her go to church or anything. I've also gotten some compliments on my Spanish, like “it seems you've been out for a year” and stuff like that cool. Again really hot. (95 F)

Well my night was a bit better. For some reason my focus wasn't really all that good when I tried to study. And today was bad as I tried to let my sr. comp make decisions. The day sucked because of that. I guess it’s up to me to keep the work moving. We went to some ranch, which we go to every Thursday, to help out the branch pres there. It was really crappy and we wasted lots of time because the branch pres. wasn't all that organized.

It is way hot at night so hard to sleep. We worked hard today and got in some really good contacts and lessons. We may have taught some people that can progress. I took charge today instead of waiting for my comp and it really made a difference.

So we did this thing where our dist went to another area to help them out. I never really like going to other areas because it’s like we don’t see any of the progress afterward. We taught some crazy catholic lady--she bashed us all about the Virgin Mary and stuff. Still not really sure if I like my comp---he makes me aggravated sometimes. And I’m still lost in my area. Some drunks talked to us about a bunch of crazy crap. And one tried to steal my comps watch. We were given a washing machine really old and crappy but it works.

Well we had a huge amount of people at church like 195 and I had to give a talk. It was on the Sabbath day. My 1st talk in front of that amount of people. It went ok. None of our investigators showed up so that sucked. After church we had some really long meeting with all of the ward missionaries and the bishop---hopefully they really do work with us.

Well we washed our clothes and when we wanted to drain them and wash out the soap for some reason we ran out of water---lame.

Love you all so much

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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