We worked ok today but could have done better. Really no one I think is ready to progress which is frustrating.

District meeting today and we went on divisions with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Carillo in his area and my comp with the other zone leader in our area. I don’t really like divisions. Well I’m in Dalias, and that’s the area right by Lazaro. The first person I see is Arturo. He was the young man that always came to take to us. That was cool to see him. We worked really hard the whole day and got lots of lessons in. Elder Carillo told me that the mission president wants me to revive my comp and this area. In the end we went to the church to talk to some people and I got to see hermano Pedro and his wife which was cool.

What a horrible night! Elder Carillo snores and it’s worse than my comp! Needless to say I’m really tired. I returned to my area and with my comp and we planned for the week. Finally finished our clothes they still were just sitting in the washing machine because we had run out of water. Some contacts and lessons but really no one wanted to listen. Well I basically laid it down that we need to work really hard the rest of the week and we put down some really good plans to do so.

Well for whatever reason my alarm was turned off so I sleep in a bit. But boy we worked dang hard today. It was awesome our first contact was a lesson and a cool guy that could progress. We just worked our butts off and taught a whole bunch of lessons, unfortunately I don’t feel that most of them will progress. We got 8 lessons…that is the most I’ve had in a day.

We worked hard again today to make up for the rest of the week. We had our appointments in the beginning of the day fall through but we just kept on working. We had some lady talk to us and she was freaking crazy. She kept saying weird stuf like she heard that American missionaries are spies and stuff. We then taught an old guy named Cruz---he as pretty cool. Good amount of lessons taught but none of them matter if the people don’t show up at church tomorrow which is what I’m praying for.

Well we went out to pick up the people and nothing, not one. Noooo! We did end up having some lady that we hadn't ever met show up, which was a blessing. Then we went out and worked after church and taught one guy that may progress. He just has lots of work and school so it may be hard to get lessons in.

Laundry day! Our money was supposed to come today but it didn’t… ahh! Hopefully tomorrow. We did some cleaning around the house and some studying.
Love you all

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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