The appointments that we had set up all fell through! So contacting was the new quest of the day. We taught some lessons but to some people that I felt won’t progress. At night we contacted a lady that seemed really crappy at first but really ended up liking our message, and she has a daughter that like 11, who wants to be baptized, but can’t in her church. So hopefully they both progress. We ended up missing the last bus so started walking---waiting to take a taxi and ended up walking almost like 30 minutes before finding a taxi…needless to say we were late a bit.

Well my towels are still full of soap so I washed them like 6 more times and then our washing machine got messed up…a coin got stuck in the drain so we had to almost break it to fix it, and my towels are still full of soap. We had some good lessons and had a FHE planned with a member family and investigators but the investigators didn’t show up.

District meeting today. Our DL is pretty cool….he makes the meetings really active and stuff. Well most of our day was completely full of appointments, which some we actually taught. We talked to a guy named Cruz, who we had taught last week, he said he would go to church this time. I hope! He seems receptive but who knows. Boy it was hot today.

Full day today. Some of our appointments fell through but we taught most, although some of the people won’t progress so we aren't going back. We contacted a reference and made a appointment and then tried to visit the cool sister and her daughter that we taught a few days ago and seemed so good but nothing nooooo!

Well it was the feed my sheep thing in our area today so our district came to help us out. I had splits with Elder Ogden of my generation. We got in some contacts but 0 lessons. We did get some references though. We had to return to our neighborhood for a appointment but it fell through.

Well we had one person at church only. But she really could progress so we have our fingers crossed. We are really trying to work with the members more now cause contacting sucks and isn’t working so we are asking for millions of references. We went to visit my comps old area and visited a cool lady who is really attached to all the elders…she thinks of them as her children. She gave me a cool soccer ball pillow and 100 pesos so we could buy food.
Well not much else love you all

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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