We had a family home evening today and it went well it’s a family the father is a member but very inactive for a long time but they want to change and become more spiritual. That’s were we come in.

We talked with a guy who said that he'd go to church this last Sunday but didn’t. He said that it was an emergency thing for work but he would go for sure this next Sunday. We had to go out to a rancho to eat pretty far, which sucked then we contacted this family like 3 brothers probably all in their early twenties. They listened and we set a baptismal date a next visit and they said they would go to church so we have hopes. Then we went to teach Dulceh---she was the one that went to church. We had a great lesson with her and put a baptismal date for this 20th ----she a little iffy accepted it. Who knows if we actually baptize her that soon but she will be baptized. Needless to say it was a good day. We also got to sit in with the bishop as he talked to a girl she had already talked to us about what she had done so he was using us as a backup for him. Stupid teenagers!

Well I kind of started off mad at my comp for stupid reasons but we ended up late to the district meeting, which really was the reason for my anger. I calmed down quickly---luckily---here is no hope for a companionship that has bitter feelings! Then something super cool but crazy happened. Elder Anderson is back from the MTC and he’s in my district. (Elder Anderson is the missionary that left the MTC saying he was not ready for a mission) it was so cool, although poor him, basically 6 months without Spanish so he is in worse shape then I was. When we returned we tried to contact some referrals without luck. Had another lesson with Dulceh and we really focused on the baptism and the need for baptism. She told us that she couldn't be because she is living with a man she is not married to and still can’t be married because she hasn't had her divorce from her other husband. So we focused on sacrifice then as there is the option to follow God always although it may take some sacrifice and it will be hard. She at the end said that she would be willing to sacrifice to have the blessings she is missing out on.

We had a dinner this evening at it was horrible. We had to eat chili rellenos. I usually just eat 1 and pretend I’m full but she gave us all two. I started to feel sick after eating them which was unfortunate. We started our fast with Dulceh so that she would have the strength to do the necessary for her baptism. We took two young women from the ward to go teach Maria, you young woman who had attended church two weeks ago but we had never been able to find her house. We had a good lesson with her. Unfortunately she to is not married. Hopefully she too will be willing to sacrifice. I then really started feeling sick. Actually during the lesson I threw up in my mouth like 3 times---gross. We went to teach the people that we had the family home evening with early in the week but they weren't home. I was feeling way sick so we took the bus took home. As we got off and started walking I couldn’t hold it anymore and just barfed. Like a whole bunch just right out in the open haha. But the weirdest thing is that it was just the kind of thing you'd see in a comedy. Because I just didn't barf normally no I spewed violently. It was very powerful. We finally got home and I went to bed and slept soundly except every time my comp would start snoring.

Well woke up late feeling better but not 100% so we left late. At the food appointment we got a reference and then right as we were about to leave, the hermana's daughter, Ruby brought a friend over that wanted to listen to our message. We went to talk to the other reference we had, which was to older people. Who knows if they will progress. We were walking to our next appointment, contacting along the way, and an hermana, the grandma in law of Dulceh, talked to us. She told Dulceh not to rush the whole baptism thing and that we need to go slower with it. Freaking lady! Sometimes I hate members. Now Dulceh is saying she needs time and everything plus we didn’t get a lot of time to talk to her because she was leaving. Needless to say we were both pissed at members.
Lesson with Maraih again. I know that she will be baptized but like Dulceh the time factor may not be what we want. Lots of walking today and giving blessings. We went again to teach those 3 guys like 20ish. Well one started drinking even after we taught the word of wisdom and offered us some to which we denied (don’t worry). He and his brother started smoking and drinking. But the other one listened and said he would go with us tomorrow.

Well we left to pick some people up which didn’t come---what a waste but we did have like 4 people at church that are ours. We also met the guy in the ward that has visions and talks with God----cool huh. After church we taught a guy that we are letting go now because he is not progressing. Also I lost a lot of weight from my sickness ---how gay. Then we had some lame meeting forever long at church that was like worthless.
Love you all

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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