Well we had the zone meeting today, which started at 8:30 and was in Torreon. We had to leave pretty early at like 7:40am. The meeting lasted forever---and was boring. Even when Pres. Clark talked it wasn’t too interesting. I did learn a few things though. At the end we got nachos, with crappy cheese. Surprisingly that’s my first time eating nachos in Mexico. After conference we left to go to our food appointment. Most of our appointments today fell through so we contacted and found one cool lady. We had a FHE planned but the non member didn’t show.

Our district meeting was postponed until tomorrow so we went out in search of less actives to invite back to church and didn’t find one so we just contacted and no one was interested. We went to talk to Miltah, reference of a girl in our ward Ruby. She was there so we talked to Ruby for a bit then left to work, setting up a new appointments for tomorrow. We talked with Maria again and her husband this time hopefully they will be willing to sacrifice what is necessary to be able to be baptized. Went to another member FHE. Apparently she didn’t know that she was supposed to invite a non member.

Had a food appointment with Miltah today and when we got there Miltah was there knocking on Ruby's door and no one was answering. Ruby's dad finally opened but Ruby wasn't there yet. Another member showed up like 7 minutes later but still no Ruby so we started without her. Finally Ruby showed but didn't join us for the lesson for some reason. Went to talk to a reference we had been given by Ruby's mom but the guy doesn’t look like he will progress. After that is was contacting. We talked to a girl in our ward that is really not very smart and was thinking of committing suicide cause of something she had done.

Left a bit early to go to an appointment which fell through. We contacted and taught some lady who really doesn’t make sense to me. We asked her to pray to know if these things were true and that if she received and answer if she would be baptized and she said no she wouldn’t change churches---hmmm ok. Went and taught Maria again and for some reason her "husband" didn’t show up but she said she was on to be baptized this 26th and either get the divorce from 1st husband and marry this one or separate from this one. She is cool. More lessons fell through contacted some more.

Went out and taught some lessons. We taught a girl her name is Estella. She is a reference of Ricardo, an ex missionary. The lesson went decent but with lots of interruptions. Rest of the day was walking---trying to find references and not succeeding, although I did have a very mad sheep bahhhhh at me angrily. Very funny.

Chruch today and we only saw two of the 4 we were sure would be there. Miltah, reference of Ruby and Estella, reference of Ricardo---but not the most important, Mariah. But she was there we just for some reason couldn’t see her for the whole sacrament meeting and I was like noo. We had 4 there, which is good. The gospel principles class was really full. After we had a meeting with our mission leader. We have them every week and we have to start having meetings once a week with all the missionaries of the ward. We ate lunch at Hna Marta’s, the mom of Ruby.

Well there it is folks love you all

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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