We worked well today. We contacted hard in the morning and have found someone really good. Unfortunately we wasted a bit of time and the food cause the hermana was late getting it done and didn’t know if we should leave while she was preparing but she said she would finish quick I guess 30 mins isn’t a lot. After we went to meet with a reference that we had received and it was disappointing because the lady wouldn't commit to anything. Then we went and talked to Hna. Marriah. Hopefully she is able to find a house to move into so that she can be baptized. WE did some more contacting and then taught some lady named Zulema that seems like she will be able to progress.

District meeting today. Our last one with this district as there are changes next week. We focused on contacting and starting lessons. And then we did a practice and contacted people outside testing out talking about baptism immediately. It went ok but we didn’t have a lot of time. Then we all bought snacks as a group and drinks and had a mini party to say bye to everyone. We weren't able to go to our food appointment as it was in a ranch and we didn’t have the time to go. So we went straight to our next appointment with Ruby and her reference Mirtah. Well Mirtah didn't show up unfortunately. Luckily Ruby being really cool bought us Pizza so we could eat. Contacting talked to Hna Maria who isn’t having luck getting a new house. Then we got home only to realize that ants were invading and making their own homes within ours and there were a whole bunch. We did find a fun solution---using a lighter and like a spray can we roasted them haha.

We had to roast a few more ants this morning and then had a long planning session---making some good plans and really organizing everything and then went out to work. We ate with a lady that has been going to church for years and learned that she has actually not been baptized because she and her husband are not married go figure huh? Anyway her husband has actually been living in the USA for like 6 years although says he will come back soon but doesn’t want to divorce his old wife. And she for some reason just won’t sacrifice what it takes to be baptized so we just have to hope that her mind changes. Well Hna. Mariah probably cannot be baptized as she isn’t married and her husband still isn’t divorced and she hasn’t found a new house. Our leaders bashed us for that---they are not happy and neither are we.

Well Maraih fell through---no house and no marriage. That wasn’t really a great ending to the hard work we all out in. We had a very busy day walking from one side of our area to another. We taught a cool lesson with someone named Hna. Perla her husband is actually an ex missionary but is inactive and she has only gone to church once before. We put a date for this 3rd for her baptism and she accepted which was awesome. Then we went to the lady that we had eaten with yesterday to see about her baptism and she wasn’t there. Few others fell through then we had a meeting with our mission leader just teaching him some things and getting some plans made. Ate dinner with the family of Zulema they are cool.
Today we had to go to Torreon to eat pizza with the entire zone because we had the most baptisms as a zone. After, our appointment with Estella fell through, but Ricky promised he would bring her to church. The rest of the day went pretty bad---no one listened. We went to eat with Zulema and her family again. The Ricky passed by and said that she had to give a talk. Wow one day of warning. Well we helped her and that ended up being really bad because we left pretty late. We won’t ever do that again.

We went to Pink up hermana Perla, the cool one that had accepted her date for this April 3rd, for church and she wasn’t there. It ends up we got there like 3 minutes late we said at 9:40 we'd be there and didn't get there until three minutes after so she left and went by herself wow she is cool. We also had like 5 more people that are our investigators show up. The rest of the day was kind of crappy---contacting without lots of luck.
Love you all

Elder Keefin Bickmore

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